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7 Steps to Build a Personal Brand in 2020 POST COVID 19

personal branding Oct 20, 2020

Wondering how you can grow your personal brand during these post-pandemic times? Well, here are seven essentials to growing your personal brand in 2020 and beyond on social media. I've helped six and seven-figure personal brands grow online. Now it's your turn, so let's get started. Essential step number one is to know your brand values.


Step 1: What Are Your Brand Values

You need to understand that your values as they are going to drive all of your activities online. It will help you know what you're going to stand for and what conversations you're going to engage in. For example, are you about world peace? Do you like to see people develop? Are you big on advocating for animals, health? What are your brand values? Why do you do what you do? You're going to want to get clear on this for the next steps.


Step 2: Types of Conversations

Now determine the types of conversations you want to engage in on social media. Are you going to talk about politics, social economics? Are you going to be engaged in conflict? You're going to want to decide on this because guess what? There's so much going on. There is a lot of tension and uncertainty, and you need to determine whether you're going to engage and contribute to these conversations or whether it's off-brand to engage.


Step 3: Creating Edutainment

Now that you know what kind of conversations you're willing to engage in and your values. Now you can start to create edutainment. That's education and entertainment content. This will help you with being relevant and creating content that's interesting and that people will want to comment on and engage with you.

Think of content that overlaps what's currently happening and how it relates to your business. For example, if you're a financial consultant, be sure that your edutainment overlaps your service and your products.

For example, suppose you're a financial consultant. In that case, you can create edutainment that will educate people on great ways that they can be smart with their money, with their investing, especially during these uncertain times. It's educational and relevant, and your personality will help make it entertaining. If you want to put that entertaining twist on it, I recommend you do it.


Step 4: Get Out There

A lot of the time, we create the content, we post it, but we don't interact. There are areas online where you can engage. You can also do hashtag searches to find out what people are saying about your topic and your industry. Yes, go ahead and comment; give your 2 cents. People need to hear your thoughts and your leadership.


Step 5: A Two Way Conversation

You don't just post and run; you post and then ask a question, a call to action, and ask people to give their perspective. Do they agree? This will prompt people to go into the comments and start writing their viewpoint. It's going to boost your posts so that you can rank even higher in social feeds. Be sure to go to other people's posts, say your perspective, give your thumbs up, or do whatever you can do to stay engaged with people in your industry and potential clients.


Step 6: Dealing with Conflict

Now, if you're giving your 2 cents and your perspective, especially during these times, they might conflict with people. You need to decide whether you're going to boldly, unapologetically say what you have to say, or are you going to be more balanced and more conservative in your conversation? Have you ever been in a heated discussion on social media? How did you respond? Do you think you should be engaged in political debates as a business?


Step 7: Take the Brand Personality Test

Make sure you take the brand personality style quiz. It will help you determine the styles, colors, fonts, and imagery you should use to show up authentically and powerfully online. You can take that quiz by clicking here (will insert the link to the quiz when posting).

By utilizing these seven steps, you now know what you can do in 2020 and beyond to build your personal brand online. So what are you waiting for? Get started and see your brand grow.


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