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Becoming a Health Coach - Building a Confident Brand and Serving More Clients


Curious about becoming a coach? In this post, I interview Liz Streich on her journey to becoming a Health Coach and Building a Confident Personal Brand. For more information on the workshops mentioned click here to see our events page or contact us for coaching.



How did you get started?

My journey started a couple of years ago when I was sitting on the couch and I realized that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I was so out of shape and overweight I thought, "that's not really how I want to go through life cuz my kids are going to be getting married and I wanted to be able to participate in their wedding ceremony, dancing, that sort of thing.

So I decided to start eating healthy and the weight started coming off which gave me more energy and led to wanting to work out.

And all my friends started recognizing that I lost all this weight and I was working out and doing really well, so I started a Facebook group to post my recipes and secrets.


How did you feel when you first decided to monetize your health passion?

A sense of peace and calmness. When you know that you're calm and peaceful about it, you're definitely on the right path. If it becomes a passion, your passion leads to your purpose. So now I found my purpose and thanks to you, Cherene, helping me with My Why, My Story, My Superpowers in the workshop really helped me.

What did that process help you do?

Understanding myself better, so I can share my story better. Before I was floundering not really knowing what to say or do. It was very difficult at first to share my story, but when you see what kind of an impact and how powerful that is and how it helps people, it sometimes brings me to tears. Literally the other day, somebody said how much they appreciate my story and I'm like "oh my God really!" You don't realize how powerful that can be for people.

What was it like when you started sharing your story at networking events, on stage and facebook?

Confidence. It's a confidence builder. Especially allowing myself to be authentic and raw. I try and share all aspects of myself and the parts of me that are imperfect. Someone stopped me in Costco because they recognized me from my posts. People were buzzing!

You weren't always this confident in sharing your brand. What was it like before you broke through your limiting mindset beliefs and really began to own your power?

The limiting beliefs were that "I was too old," "I wasn't good enough" and the list goes on and on and on. So when we sat down after the workshop and did the brand strategy session to talk about my current resume writing business, I remember sitting there and my stomach was turning. I really had a passion for the nutrition and fitness. We started talking about that and I finally gave myself permission to say yes to my passion.

What was it like to do the mindset work to grow your health coach business?

I originally sought you out, Cherene, for the technical stuff and web branding. I realized that although I'm doing a lot of mindset work on my own, there were still some blocks that I had and I knew they were holding me back from achieving more. And that's where you and I sat down and started looking at those blocks, and I think money came up. Money was a big factor because it depends on our programming from when we were younger. So you and I worked together to uncover what those blocks were and replace them with something better. Now I just continue that process from what I've learned from you as well as the meditations and affirmations.

What is next in your confident coaching journey?

Speaking. Podcast. Videos in my cooking group. A cookbook. I think that's enough on my plate right now! LOL

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