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DIY Personal Branding Tips to Attract Big Clients

personal branding Oct 26, 2020

What if you could attract bigger clients that could pay you a lot more upfront? 5,000, 10,000, 15, 20,000 plus? I've helped so many coaches, consultants, and service professionals attract high-end clients, and now it's your turn.


Tip #1. Take the Brand Personality Style Quiz

This quiz is an excellent start for you to get a sense of your brand attraction factor. Find out your brand personality, the values, the colors, designs, and styles that suit you best. When you're in alignment with your brand persona, you will find that it's easier to build rapport and attract the clients that are best for you. 


Tip #2. Brand Style Shoot

Put together a photoshoot that shows the best of who you are in your work element. No more stock photos representing you. Showcase the real you. You want to begin to let your energy attract whoever it is that you're looking to target.



Tip #3. Refresh Your Website

If your website looks like you designed it, then that's a problem. When people come to your website, it's their first impression of you. You're going to want to make sure that it is really up to par. It looks modern; it looks like you're professional and even a leading expert in your industry.



Tip #4. Be Clear On Who You're Targeting

If you're looking to target everyone, you will have a hard time attracting prominent clients. Because the thing is, clients that are paying high-end dollars are looking for a specialist. They're not looking for a generalist. The more your target audience is, the broader it is, the harder it is to land high paying clients initially. I mean, if you're a big celebrity superstar, maybe it's effortless to land these big deals. But if you're just getting started or in your early stages, or nobody knows who you are, you're going to want to position yourself as a specialist. This is why you must get focused and clear on your niche or just a focused target market.



Tip #5. Aim For Bigger Problems To Solve

For example, if you're offering just mini sessions or small deals, then guess what? You're going to attract whatever deal is in proportion to that. If you want to make bigger deals and attract more prominent clients, you will want to think about how you can solve more significant problems. Whether it be that the person has a considerable health overhaul, maybe you're working in real estate, and you want to sell bigger homes, just more complicated situations. A specialist gets paid more. Can you find a more profound problem to solve within your clientele? If you can, then that's where the money lies. Do you aim for big clients with significant problems, or do you feel like it's too much work for you?


Tip #6. Add a Touch of Luxury

If you want to charge premium prices, you're going to want to present a premium brand. How can you package yourself, your website, your marketing materials to look luxury? Are there tidbits or experiences or pieces that you can put into place that give that luxury experience of premium? You're going to want to think about that, brainstorm that, and then implement them in your brand. Because if you have the perceived value of being worth a lot, then that's what you attract.


Tip #7. Go After The Big Fish

A lot of the time, we second-guess ourselves. We don't deem ourselves worthy and confident enough to genuinely serve people that we probably can sell and deliver on in a very significant way. So my challenge to you is to get yourself out of your comfort zone. Package, brand, show up with power and confidence, and go after those big fish. Don't think of it as them being more significant than you, or you lesser than them. It's an equal playing field. If you have the qualifications and the skills, then go for it. You can do it. Believe in yourself. If you're someone who struggles with this, you can begin cultivating confidence over my website. I have so many resources there for you to start to get that confidence so that you can put yourself out there in a big, powerful way. Click here to subscribe, click here to take that personality brand quiz where you'll learn a lot more about yourself, your superpowers, and the characteristics that make you unique. When you know yourself and are invested in the skills and talents, you can indeed be a lot more confident.


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