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Fear of Fame? 3 Ways to Rise to Your Calling.

branding mindset Oct 15, 2018

So you want to serve a whole lotta people - right?

 Your vision is global and the services you offer are going to change the world as we know it.

However, the idea of being in the public eye with your pictures, videos, and likeness all over the media is a little daunting.

Your ducks aren't in a row, and you feel like you're not ready to go big.

Fame, public speaking and a widespread social media presence can trigger some fear and is one of the main reasons why coaches & practitioners stay small and local.

If you want to serve more people, increase your sales, grow your team and your overall influence then following these 3 steps will help you beat the fear of fame, so you can make a bigger impact and income.


1. Get Over Yourself - You Will Never Be Ready

What I really mean here is that you'll never be "perfect." You'll always have an area of improvement. Your face may have wrinkles. You will make mistakes, and yes, people may laugh at you publically. Therefore, embrace all your quirks and potential shortcomings as they are. See the humorous sides of yourself because you will never live up to that picture perfect image.

As a matter of fact, the more awkward, disruptive and authentically unique you are - the better. That way you stand out, get noticed and act like a real human being that people can relate to.

Download the brand confidence kit and go through the exercises to discover your unique superpowers. Feel free to exaggerate them - don't be shy. If people praise or criticize you - you're doing something right. Bland and perfect doesn't sell.


2. Focus on Fulfilling Your Vision

If you died today and you didn't take action on your vision then you would feel like you failed in life.

Your talents and potential would be a waste of space if you really decided to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else pursue their mission while you hid behind the scenes because of fear.

The reason why you feel the fear is because your focus is off.

Emotions are triggered by thoughts, therefore, you had to be thinking about something awful in order for you to be scared.

What are you thinking about?

Do you think you're going to get burnt at the stake or crucified for speaking up and sharing your opinion?

Our imagination can really take us for a ride sometimes.

To get rid of fear and disempowering stories, create a clear visual and written declaration for yourself. A vision board and a short 500-word essay on who you are, why you're here and how you are impacting your audience.

Then look at and read out loud this declaration. Do this everyday.

Visualize and see yourself in this positive light.

The more you focus on the positive outcomes of fame is the more your fear will diminish.


3. Remember the People

Fear of Fame is just ego.

What about "My" privacy?

What if "I" don't get received well?

What will they say about "Me?"

How do "I" look?

What if "I" mess up?

These are all thoughts focused on you and how you're not serving on the level you should be.

If ever you find yourself resisting the next level of exposure, check for those first-person complaints.

Focus on WHO you're meant to serve.

What is their challenge and how dearly they wish they could reach their goal?

Compassion for them will pull you out of self into service.

The fear will totally dissipate.


Fearless Fame

Comes with confidence and conviction in your vision.

Spend 15 to 30 minutes per day cultivating your confidence by applying these 3 steps and book a complimentary coaching session ($350 Value) to help you confidently market and sell to the masses.


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