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Focus & Flow for Fempreneurs - Success without the Burnout - Part 1


Instead of thinking "How can I get more clients," ask yourself
"How can I give to more people." Instead of "How can I make more money," it should be "How can I serve and be equally compensated." This simple change in your perspective will give you a refreshing approach to doing business. It will move you away from the high-performance hustle that our culture praises. Don't do that; it will burn you out. You may be one of two fempreneurs; you're tired of the overwhelming hustle and self-sacrificing practices of growing a business. Or you're done overthinking your next move because you're ready to manifest your vision of success confidently.

Hear spiritual and practical insights on:

- Why "Hard Work" will set you up for disappointment and how to integrate more flow despite family and life commitments.

- Why "Working Smart" is not enough to help you leap to the next level and have more fun on your way to success.

- How you can honestly "have it all" and the secrets to "LET IT RAIN" in your business, relationships, and health today.

Focus and Flow

Which one are you? Are you currently in a space where you're overworking? If your answer is yes, this might be that you're in a lot of action, but you're not seeing the results that you're looking for. Maybe you are working 10, 12, 15 hours a day, or Monday to Sunday. Are you overworking? Are you overwhelmed? You might be working and then feel like work is all over the place like it's messy, you have a long to-do list, and you're doing everything all at once, causing everything to be disorganized.

The other form of overwhelm is you're not moving at all. There's just so much on your list to do, and you don't know where to start. Is this something that you identify with? Are you overthinking? This person is not acting; they are planning, researching, taking courses, going to workshops trying to get the perfect way to start, or the ideal way to grow their business. Do you relate to any of these? If so, today, we are going to bring you back into balance. Would you like to experience overflow rather than overthinking, overworking, and being overwhelmed? You will learn how to move your business from not having enough time, money, or energy. You will learn how to expand your awareness of the abundance that is around us.

The 3 Keys to Having Flow in Your Business 

Yin and Yang

The three keys to flow is your flow with clients, sales, and success. But you are doing that from a place of having the energy, not the overness. The basis for focus and flow is based on the yin and yang philosophy. Yin and yang is the concept of balance, and it's also related to the universal law of the divine masculine and feminine or the law of gender. This theory is a way of organizing the way we interpret things. It is something I use while branding, personal brands, there are different types of vibrations or energies. I'm going to discuss each kind of energy and why we need to incorporate both for us to have a sustainable business in life.

Two things could be happening: one, you're having success in your business. But you're driving your body down to the ground, which is not sustainable. Then there's the other route where you're just really not doing anything; there's no structure or stability.

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On the white side of yin and yang is where we are talking about flow. This side is the feminine aspect of things. You will find that naturally, the majority of females have wiring; that is what you would call the current mass understanding "feminine." Yin, the feminine energy, in general, is where we get flow from. This side is where we get to rest and restoration from. This side is where we have time to reflect, and in those moments of reflection and pause, you get creativity, new ideas for your business. You're also able to do things like meditation or healing. For some people, that might be releasing blocks that they have or perceptions that are holding them back. For others, it might be beginning to reinforce new empowering beliefs.

The other side is the black side, referred to as yang, which is the masculine side. So this is where we have the focus and the action moving forward and being able to do more with systems. You only have 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you really can't do more than 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There needs to be leverage with systems and or a team. The structure allows for operations and a team to work very well together.

Any time we are lopsided or heavily focused on one area. We have problems with the business. For example, sometimes we follow this high-performance philosophy of "Go, go, go, get up, work out, drink your lemon water. Go and do this." Leaving you to be always in masculine mode, and then your adrenals get shot, and you end up having adrenal fatigue and burnout. This burnout is a typical example of the corporate world. Compared to the feminine yin part for some of us. We go with the flow, but we flow all day, by the time we're done, the time has gone by. We've reflected, brainstormed, or tried to learn too much, and it's not moving our business forward. Based on our upbringing and environment, we tend to lean towards either yin or yang. Ideally, you would want an even combination of both of them to move forward and have a productive business.

First Key: Free Life of Wealth 

Flow is an acronym for, free life of wealth. So this is being free from the limitation of fixed resources, referring to the support we currently use in our economies such as money, time, and energy. Real wealth is when you are not locked into any three of those to achieve your desires. We're going to talk a little bit about getting into that mindset and growing in that mindset because it is a journey.


Steering is your ability to move forward with the yin and the yang and know when you need to be in either state. Different states call for you to be in yang and other scenarios that call for you to be in yin. Sometimes it's both and knowing how to balance those. Daily visualization techniques are pausing and allowing yourself to start visualizing success. It is scientifically proven in all areas of life, business, health, relationships. Whatever you focus on and you see in your mind is what you get. What you see is what you get. This aspect is taken for granted all the time. A lot of entrepreneurs don't put enough focus here. If you just want to bring in four new clients in a month, and you're afraid and thinking to yourself. What if no one buys? How am I going to pay my bills? How am I going to pay my staff? When you start questioning and running those stories in your head, you end up creating this self-fulfilling prophecy.

Your life-affirmation statement, having a vision for what you're moving towards, is a crucial part component of things. You need to look at it every day. I recommend reciting it every day as well. It's not just about how much money you make by the end of this year, it's not just about how big your business grows, but it's the why behind all of that. And the why sometimes needs to be bigger than you just having the fancy house and cars as well. It needs to be bigger than you just paying your bills, it needs to be bigger than you.

 Prioritizing Self-Care and Personal Development 

When you get the strategy, it might seem like it's a lot on your plate. It would be best if you found out how to build your energy resources to do as much without burning out as well as you can protect yourself from getting sick and protect yourself from having a nervous breakdown. When people are not eating a proper diet and doing the workouts, you'll find that you get tired and have the brain fog.

You won't be able to keep up with the momentum that you're trying to create for your business. You are the business, especially if you are the CEO and service professional or personal brand or a coach. Maybe you're a practitioner. If you are the CEO of your company and unable to keep up the momentum, then that's an issue. Sometimes what I see happen is someone will work too hard. Some of us glorify working too hard as we think it is honourable. But it's not because if you're working too hard and creating all this momentum, then you crash, and then guess what? You don't get to leverage what's called the law of gestation.

The Law of Gestation

The law of gestation says there are times and seasons for everything. If you are planting a seed and you' retrying to water that seed down and give it as much sunlight, and you only do that for a week, then you have to stop and take a break off for a week. Guess what? You just aborted that seed that you planted. It's just like our business. You have to make sure it's sustainable. So take a pause here and start to think about what your vision for freedom and wealth is. Wealth is not just money; wealth is your health. Wealth is being able to weave in your passions and the things that make you happy.

There's a lot of people that make a lot of money, but they don't get to see their families. They don't get to do the things that make them happy.
If you don't have time to do the things you love, what's the money you're suitable for? It is time to rethink whatever your goal is.


Ecology means looking at the ecosystem of your life. Instead of looking at this is my big business goal and then you don't look at your relationships, and you don't look at your health, you don't look at your passions. How you want to give back or all the other parts of the wheel of life, how wealthy are you?

You don't need to have all the answers. You don't even know how you're going to get there. You just need to decide that you want to get there. The decision precedes activity. You actually cannot see the answer until you've decided that you want to achieve what it is that you desire to have. The goal is to be able to experience all the flow and wealth of life. Having a strong community is great for flow and Your overall mental health If you are feeling that you are bogged down and need a support system to help uplift you generate ideas and encourage you should click here and take a look at the let it rain course.

Second Key: Marketing and Sales System

This has to do with the yang side of things. You might have incubated a great idea in your time of reflection during your yin and your creativity. You might have the best message to bring to the world. You might be a super excellent service professional; the nature of a service professional is the yin to serve and give. You might be dominant in that area, and if you don't have the support structures to help you carry that forward, you're in trouble. Who's your ideal client? Where do they hang out?

Surprisingly this question never gets old even when I work with people with 5, 10 years in their business. This can sometimes still be a little bit fuzzy how it comes together to click with an ideal client for you. From there, you can find out precisely where these women or where these men are hanging out and then begin to target specifically in those areas.
Once you have done your research, you want to know where your top three sources of clients are, and just focus there. You don't need more than three references to start to generate clients. From those areas, not only will you create clients, but you will make referrals that will continue to build. Finding those out is super important.

I always mentor people in my group to look at a group or wherever the source is, whether it's a live in-person source or a digital source. Ensure that the reference is flowing with people, people are joining, it's lively, the engagement is excellent, and that it's very dynamic. If there's flow happening there, then it's going to flow into your business as well. You don't need a whole bunch. For the longest while, I was sufficient on just Facebook alone. One networking organization or two networking organizations, and that was it. Everything was so predictable that it was a system or structure in terms of. How many times I showed up, how many times I created workshops for them, how many times I would reach out, or send out a newsletter. It was a unique situation because it freed up a lot of time. I didn't have any panic attacks on where am I going to get more clients.


Thirdly, you're going to want how many presentations you need to do to get to your monthly goal? So submissions could be a talk, it could be a workshop, it could be coffee dates. You need to start to track what is predictably working for you. If you're just getting started, just go with where you feel you're most productive.


Number four is how many calls, views, touchpoints. This is getting into the analytics of things. Once you've had a month go by, you want to look back, and hopefully, you're tracking this. If you don't, I do have a tool that I could help you use. Click here to get tracking resources. 

But you want to know how many calls or conversations did you have? How many views is your Facebook lives getting or your Instagram lives getting? How many people are you messaging or emailing to and out of all of those touchpoints, what is the output? You'll start to look at different sources like Facebook, email marketing, and so-and-so networking events. Once you begin to list all of that and you see, "Oh, wait a second. Over the past three months, I've got three clients from this one source", guess what you're going to do? You're going to double your effort in that one spot.

In another place, you'll be like, "Wow, I haven't gotten any clients from this. I'm going to stop doing that activity.". This is why it's so essential if you're able to cut out sources that are not bringing you the success and where you're not driving, and you're not of service either if it's not a win-win guess what? There's no flow there has to be always a give and a take. If that's not happening, you're breaking that law of having the flow and the stream. When people are at the place where they see something predictable in their business, we're able to create a system around that predictability. So that's what's exciting. 

The diagram above shows an example of once you know your brand and who you are and what you have to offer. You know who you're targeting in the niche and all that good stuff; then you can start to create lead generation strategies that move forward.


When you are signing up a client, you want to have an onboarding system that when they sign up, they get their welcome package and get their automated steps on what they need to do next, and you get reminders to follow up. There's going to be a point where you can only do so much.

Another thing you could do is hire somebody, and they could run your systems for you. Although the systems are built for you, you still need to know where you are getting your client sources. So you want to systemize still where are you showing up for your marketing? You always want to know what type of sales activity you're doing on a day-to-day basis and make that a system for you. You might decide to pick

  • Direct Outreach
  • Networking
  • Referrals

You also might choose to do that in a specific place. Networking on Facebook, referrals from Facebook, and direct outreach on Facebook in tandem with an offline strategy actually, going to a live event and connecting with those people on Facebook and then nurturing them on that. Finding out what the best marketing mix is, is something that I go through with people, and it's something that you're going to want to think about and make it predictable.

Third key: Steer 

Steering is now weaving in the masculine energy of business, the feminine energy, and knowing when to wear which hat. Here's an example. Let's say that you are deciding to host an event that generates leads for you. You might decide that you're going to have that event six weeks from now. So six weeks from now, you set up the systems, and you set up the page for people to sign up for that workshop, and six weeks out, you are putting out marketing materials. If you're doing it right, you're doing this. You're putting out marketing material, inspirational material. You're nurturing people. You're letting them know, "Hey, by the way, heads up for this event." You're doing that in maybe the first or second week, and then as you go to the third and the fourth week, you gear up, and it's not as feminine in your marketing. It's a little bit more direct in terms of like sign up now. Then as you get close to that event, you're pushing it. You are actually in your yang. You're calling and messaging the people that said, "They wanted to come." You're saying the event is tomorrow. Buy now, do you hear how the language shift from yin to yang? It's important to understand marketing and selling. You need to know when you need to shift gears. But also in your business lifestyle.

In the morning might be your time when you do the reflection and the meditation and the visualization that I discussed. Then heading into 10 to 12 is gung-ho yang energy where you're focused on messaging or emailing or selling. They say to eat the frog. A lot of people don't like sales, so you want to eat the frog is what Brian Tracy says the first thing in the morning after you do your personal development. The rest of the day might be relaxing, incubating, thinking, reflecting, and then by the end of the day. For me, at least for an hour, I have to switch off all of my yang masculine energy and get into the feminine vibe.

You need to know when in your life you're going to be in each. What will happen is if you're in yang energy too much, you're going to have burnout issues. If you're in the yin energy too much, you're not going to get anything done. You need to know how to steer. There are times when you have to take the wheel. Then there are other times when there's a bit of a flow and a rhythm of things.

What will help you with this is having a plan, and you do a plan like a road map, and it doesn't always have to be precise to that plan. However, it reminds you of where you need to stay on track. Make sure you're making goals. I make sure that I'm not just creating a business goal. But the other quadrants of life because they all play into each other.

Setting Goals

Think of your first quarter, maybe January, February, March. You're thinking about what's happening as a goal for each section. You're mapping it out as well. So if it were January, February, March, you would put your January goal in your January goal section. Your February goal in your February goal section and your March goal in your march goal section. All of that adds up to the first quarter goal.

Then weekly, you're going to want to pay attention to your first quarter goal and pay attention to your monthly goal. You're keeping track of those goals, and then you're breaking it up into weekly goals. That's all going to add up to the quarter. The quarter is going to add up to the year. You're going to want to track what's your activity. What have you been doing, what is the sole source of business for you? Cut out any fat, anything that's not bringing you any success.

The other day I did something that was totally outside of what I usually do for my business, and it was successful. When I looked at the bottom line of how profitable it was, it just was not profitable. So I had to cut it, and so you have to know when something's not working for you. Cut the fat and focus. You want to track all your activity and stay accountable. Stay accountable to somebody.

If you said you had a goal or were going to do a workshop or have a certain number of people, make sure you're a part of the mastermind course. Be a part of a community that can back you and checks up on you because it's easy to do all the school setting and planning and structures by yourself and get lost.

If you are finding it hard to set goals for yourself and follow through on them or maybe you just need some Individualized help for your unique business. If this is true, you should look into doing private coaching with Cherene Francis. She has helped many Identify what they're missing in their management systems in order to grow their business, develop the personal brand and overall flourish in a way that is ideal for your mental health. Click here for more details on private coaching from Cherene.

Being Hard Working

On both sides of the family, I have some powerhouse women.
The women are making more money than their husbands doing well professionally, are established, managed to have children and do it all and have it all. Most of these women are not entrepreneurs. Most of them are in incorporate, and where I got my drive is from them. I come from a family of immigrants who had to work hard to get everything that they have.

I was raised to believe in hard work. I'd like to think that culturally our community does reward you for hard work. There's this honour involved with being a hard worker. The problem with that is that there's another idea where more money means more problems and more work. I'd go through the hard work stage, and then I get more money. Then how do I protect the money? Then there's this glorification of the struggle like,
"I'm going to hustle hard, and I'm going to make those dollars," Wake up, slay, repeat. What kind of life is that? This lifestyle is a recipe for burnout.
Put your head down and work harder. Those of you that have no problem taking action, this is you. You hustle every day, just run around like a madwoman, just getting things done and not stopping and taking in and being self-aware is not a place where you want to be. You start sacrificing self-care.

Have you put aside your self-care because you want to make more money? Or slay and just go warrior energy? I know that there's some beauty to being a warrior, but not always. So you can't maintain and sustain your business in warrior energy. It's just not going to work. I remember getting to that place. I'm not one to get sick, but I remember when I got sick, and I was sick for like a month. I have never gotten to the place of what I would say official burnout, but that was a massive warning. I then decided not to work hard, work smart. We've heard that. Work smart and not hard. But the problem with working smart is that it can keep you stuck and in overthinking mode and procrastination.

Working smart is taking every course that you can before you do anything stopping and just needing to learn how to do everything. Everything is a how do I. We need to get out of this research and thinking mode. Although, yes, it is smart to have a sound system. The problem is that what it does for you is limiting the amount of organic opportunity that you attract. You might be closing yourself off to certain things that might be coming your way. As you're so narrow-minded and needing to get it right, you're not allowing any room for just the universe just to plop things into your lap.

Why People are Successful

I have an article in INC Magazine, and it was about The Role of Randomness in Success. This study looked at people over 40 years and tried to find out what it was that made them successful. They found it was never really about the person having a certain amount of talent or being good at a specific type of strategy. Rather pure luck is what stimulates their success. They concluded in the study that it is evident that most successful individuals are also the luckiest ones, and the less successful individuals are the unluckiest ones. This is why I guess there's a saying that dumb people are always the rich ones, and the smart ones work hard, but there's just a level of success that they are too bright to obtain.

This magazine gives them a warning against the risks of what they call naive meritocracy. This belief that if you have this many amounts of courses and degrees and checkmarks that you are going to have the success that you want. Working hard is not going to work, and working too smart doesn't work. You have to understand that you have to let go and let it flow. It's this whole balance of having a vision of where you're going. Get the tools and support around you that you need, but take action and go with the flow. I realized my mindset, the way I looked at things drew the path for me ahead.

Focus on Your Mindset

When I started just to let it flow, it was kind of weird. It was this almost like; I would show up with intention and sometimes not be as prepared as I thought I was. But what was happening is I was surrendering to a higher power within that allowed me to move instinctually to leverage what's called your unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is 80% with so much more wisdom for survival, for expansion, and it was just so amazing. I remember breaking free of holding myself back in terms of producing and being on film, and now I'm doing that a lot more. I also found that the people that I started working with were having more success. Once I was able to surrender into this, many other women were able to surrender into it.

If you're too rigid in your structure, too hard, it's not going to work. But you do need to embrace the systems, the technology. You've got to leverage that because that's also going to help you a ton. It's going to free up your time for your family or for whatever is important to you. My business did take a strain on my relationship. If I didn't know how to step out of my yang and go into my yin, my whole marriage would have had issues. We need to understand that when we take on these structures, it's not just for our business but also our lives and our well-being. Don't sacrifice any resources. Start to free yourself from time, money, and energy and learn how to get into the mindset of expansion of possibility. Once you get into that mindset, then you're able to move and create from that space.

It's not the reverse, or about just learning strategies it is the mindset and the approach: the yin plus the yang. It's not about trading time for money or money for time or energy.
It's not about trading resources. Free yourself up from tangible resources and get into the mindset of wealth and abundance.

How You Can Better Yourself

So I'm giving you all the opportunity to learn more about this mastermind that I have. There are women in it that are learning about the mindset aspects as well as the business strategy systems and all that, the yin and the yang. It is called the Let It Rain Group Mastermind. If you want to revitalize your mindset, click here to join. There are tons of testimonials From people who have gotten help from this course and others. If you sign up now, you get a 1-hour complimentary call, and we'll discuss whether or not the mastermind is right for you. If it is not right for you, and I'll point you in a different direction, It's all about starting to shift your paradigms around how you do your business. It's not supposed to be taxing. It's not supposed to be self-sacrificing. There is a different way I promise, shifting out of that energy is so important. In the mastermind, we go through the four pillars of mindset, branding, marketing, and sales, and we make sure that you have all four pillars. Some people raise their prices. We've had people that launch and create, what was it, four times more than what they're making before they came in. There are people that land TED Talks as a result of the programming.

Some people are building their business while they're pregnant and getting clients that way. Then some people are finding that they're healing from traumatic events, learning to love themselves more, and grow as a person. This group happens in 90-day cycles. I recommend that you stay in for two periods. We do weekly mindset calls, branding, and marketing calls. People practice how to use video copywriting.

We break through fears around selling is a huge one, sales. They were too pushy, getting in front of the camera or speaking. There's just so much content. It is built for the personal brand or the service professional that wants to

  • get more exposure
  • generate more leads
  • close more clients.

These goals are what it's designed for, but doing it in a lifestyle way. It's not just marketing and branding focus; this is more lifestyle focus like

  • Who are you called to speak to
  • Who are you called to serve
  • How can we think of the big picture?

How can we move from a state of flow while maintaining focus and action? This is what the mastermind group is about. To get all your questions answered and refresh your mindset for the good of your business, click here. Sometimes people work better with me privately. So that's another thing we could talk about. If you want to inquire about one on one coaching, click here.

Sometimes you just need that aha moment or someone like me to look in your business and say, "You know what, you just need to do this. Go do it." I invite you to go to Inquire about my mindset coaching services where I will work one on one with you to better your business and have more success in your life. For more information, click here if you are more so in the earlier stages of developing your brand or feel a little lost in your brand, click here to take my free brand personality quiz.


I find that a lot of fempreneurs tend to be spiritual entrepreneurs. There's just something about us using our femininity to want to have a more balanced life, free life. This is why we choose entrepreneurship.

The corporate structures don't work for us. The nine-to-five doesn't work for us. But what I find is when you're going out to start, or maybe you're five years in, we get lost in this high-performance culture. The Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy's, the Bob Proctors, are all fantastic old guys who are teaching great strategies for success. However, especially in this time frame, in this generation, no matter how old you are, whether your early 20s or out into your 60s, there is a better way of doing things without you. Sacrificing your body, sacrificing your health, sacrificing your relationships, and sacrifice is not honourable; they are a place of scarcity.

It's you saying, "God is only allowing me to choose one thing when he said go and take dominion over everything." You're choosing to trade time for energy or money. I don't believe in that. You got to shift into focus and flow, a free life of wealth where those things do not limit you. Burn out, and self-sacrifice are not necessary for success. The key to success is having a healthy mindset and understanding how to balance your energy and time to pursue what you desire. To have a good flow in your business and life, you have to change your mindset.

It's Time To Take Action and Better Your Brand

If this is resonating with you, if you're tired of just taking programs and not getting the results you want or if you're not getting the results that you wish to and are tired, contact me join the let it rain mindset course.

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