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Focus & Flow for Fempreneurs - Success without the Burnout - Part 2


This is part 2 of this two-part webinar. We review the aspects of Focus (Masculine Energy) and Flow (Feminine Energy) in our businesses.

I also give my response to key questions around.

  • Transitioning from your full-time job to entrepreneurship
  • Balancing work and life as a mompreneur
  • Making time for social media posts
  • Mindset techniques to stay focused

For part 1 of this webinar click here.


Setting and Accomplishing Goals


Things happen in life, and a lot of the time, we need our entrepreneurial endeavours to be very flexible and allow us to be free with our time and location and our income earnings. It's just an honour to be able to be in this position where I am excited to have a successful business that feeds my soul and my wallet and serves others and my family and community. If that's you and you want to grow your business to that level, or you have a business, but you need to create more momentum or less chaos and more flow, you're in the right place.

What you say linguistically and yourself, what you're thinking is also what you're going to bring about. You want to make sure that you're doing you and freeing your mind daily. Not binge eating when you go to a big conference for personal development. Not just listening to podcasts or whatever in your car but exercising your mind with mindset techniques. I always teach my students to do this, and you're going to want to make sure that you're applying them to your life.

Life affirmation statements are necessary. These are your goals. Your goal as an affirmation, so it could be that I am making a full-time income to quit my job by the end of the year. For your life-affirmation, it could be that you have donated a certain amount, or you've spent some, a reasonable or an abundant amount of time to an organization of your choice. You want to have those front and centre because research shows that those who write their goals and see them every day have higher chances of achieving and creating them. Then prioritize self-care and personal development because if you are running yourself down with work, how long do you think you'll sustain a successful business?


Success Streams

Do you know where your clients are, hang out, and the top three sources for your clients. Are you aware of how many presentations or sales conversations you need to have? Are you aware of what you need to do in terms of marketing touch-points? Do you know how to get clients? What type of repetitive system do you have in place to bring those people in, and this does not mean. The system does not just mean technology. It just means a habit that you have tried and tested, and you know it works. Do you have that? You want to make sure you have that because it always comes through a channel when you have a stream of money coming through. If you don't know those channels, then you don't have flow in that area.



Steering is just the strategic planning and execution of both your yin strategy and your yang strategy. Both systems need to be in place. It would help if you had all of that, the mindset, the creativity, the reflection, the self-care happening in tandem with the masculine aspects of things, the systems, the habits, the work, the focus, and executing that together so that you have harmony. That's how you create stress and flow. Again, tracking things, getting comfortable with numbers is a good one. Getting comfortable doing the mundane daily is just so important and not taking that for granted. If you're a creative like me, that might be an area where you struggle with. You might find sitting down and calling people and sending emails all day to be boring. We want to be in the creative part of marketing or connect at networking events.

For some people, it's vice versa. They'd instead do the tech, the number, or the counting. Still, they feel they lack creativity or creating unique ways of reaching out to people, so again, you're going to want to massage and get used to both because both are required for a successful business.

Staying Accountable to that Strategic Action


If you don't have a coach, if you're not a part of a mastermind group in any way, if you're not being mentored by someone that's doing what you want to do, then you are out of alignment. You can do your best to figure it out. We're in an abundant universe that has an infinite amount of information. By the time you sort through everything, you will find yourself; if you're someone that's going to make it happen, you will eventually invest in a mentor or a coach. That's just how success happens because there are things that you don't know. Making sure that you stay accountable for that is essential. What I mean by investing in a coach or something, sometimes it doesn't necessarily mean that you're sitting down one on one with somebody, but it does mean that you're going to have to invest in materials. Buy a book, and if you're still having struggle after you've bought the book and you yet to see the results. If you purchased a book and it's on your shelf and hasn't reaped your rewards from that book, you need to take a step further and contact someone to help you.

Being a part of a mastermind group to help support you and keep you on track is incredibly beneficial as you have people to hold you accountable if this is something that you would like to look into check out this course. It's a year-long and will help you stay accountable to yourself and your business in a community that supports each other. Click here for more details. If you feel he would benefit more from one on one coaching, click here to get more information on private coaching with Cherene.


Transitioning from a Full-Time Job to having your Own Business

If you're working a full-time job, you're most likely spending 30 to 40 hours a week. Then you also want to factor in commute time. If you're in a busy city like Toronto, that could take as much as one hour or more there and another hour back home. That's eight hours in a day plus 10 hours that you're working a day. By the time you get home, you have a couple of hours, and then if you have kids add that on top and priorities. This is a great question, and my first instincts when I talk to people around this is you have to become a master of resource management, meaning you have to understand what your actual work hours are in terms of time, money, and energy. What are your essential resources? You need to get a calendar, layout your Monday to Sunday or Sunday to Saturday and look at all of the pockets of time that you can use for your business. Anything that is idle fun, and play might need to be sacrificed.

In most cases, you will have to go away and want to replace those with activity for your work. You look at your Sunday to Saturday, and you might see if you get home at 6:00, and you are prepping dinner from 6:00. Having dinner from 6:00 to 8:00 and you're putting kids to bed, and they're in bed by 9:00, that might leave you with one or two hours depending on your stamina of working. Let's say you work from 9:00 to 11:00. You powered down from 11:00 to 12:00, and off you go to bed. You might only get a six-hour sleep. This is why I say if that's the scheduling system, what are you doing to support that system? If you're going to do two nights, two hours a night five nights a week, that's 10 hours a week for your business. Make sure you're supporting yourself by eating right because that will bring clarity to your mind. You are doing 30 minutes a day of cardio or exercise. You have to start thinking about your time.

If your dedicated hours are 10 hours a week now, you can start to divvy up those 10 hours a week and make a realistic goal for your business. There are three pillars in the industry marketing and sales, which you will usually charge. Then there is the finance part: money, bookkeeping, and that sort of thing. Then the other department is production. For example, if you have a business that sells lotions, you would need to be making those lotions. Or making those whatever your product is if you're a service professional that might be you putting together your program. Some of you are brokers, or you work in mortgages or something like that. You probably don't need to develop your product, but it might be the right place for you to review what's happening in your industry. Stay cutting edge on your skills.

Then the other pillar of a business is customer service. This is the delivery of your work; you're the CEO. There's the CMO, which is the executive of marketing and sales. Sometimes this part here comes together, but you need to see that you have different business divisions either way. You have 10 hours, and you have to divide all 10 hours between each pillar. Usually, at this point, it's about either one you're going to hire people to help you with certain things, maybe you hire an accountant and a bookkeeper so that they can help with that part. Perhaps you spend time hiring somebody part-time to answer your emails and things like that for customer service.

Now you can start to stretch your goal setting across a full year. Transitioning from in your business is going to take planning. How long is it going to take you to develop everything you need, and once you have everything you need, you outsource certain things so that you can focus on selling because selling is where the cash flow is. If you're in a network marketing business, you don't have to worry about product development. You already have that part. All you need to do is focus on customer service marketing and sales and hire an accountant or a bookkeeper.

Making those plans and being careful with your time and saying, "Okay, well, you know if it takes someone full time over three years to establish a business at 40 hours a week, that might mean it might take you six years to transition. It depends on your location and business model. The biggest thing is planning, and if you're unclear on how to plan in your context, then I recommend you speak to a coach or someone who has already done it so that you could do it.

Do you feel like you need help establishing your business and personal brand? Do you feel a little overwhelmed trying to accomplish this by yourself? If you relate to any of these questions, look into the Personal Branding Course or Private Coaching with Cherene. If you have more of a technical mindset and find marketing a little bit overwhelming, you should consider outsourcing marketing to Brandreign.

Finding the Time to Post and have Facebook Lives

You might be the type of person who sits down and plans out your social media and schedules it using specific Hoot Suite tools. It an excellent tool for scheduling social media. Facebook has a built-in scheduler. You can sit down and schedule out what you're going to do, and it will go on autopilot until you put more things in the scheduler. I tend to post on a whim. Why and how I'm able to do that is I understand what my teachings are. I know what it is I'm here to share always. That's usually around making sure that you're confident in putting yourself out there and marketing yourself and sharing what you have to offer with confidence. What I do is on my phone. I have a note app, and I keep track of all my ideas for posts on the app; therefore, I always have content. I'll reflect, I'll be driving and come up with an excellent idea, and I will make sure when I'm safe to type that idea into my notepad. I have a list of notes of things I can post. If you follow me, you'll notice that I'm in my car or I'm walking down the street, or I'm somewhere different all the time, and I have an extra five, 10 minutes. I'm going to hop on and post.

What stops people from posting is the overthinking. It's the thinking part that is making you feel. You think, and it uses up all your time, and then you don't post in the first place. Just put an alarm on, put a chime on. You're in transit; you know you're going to have an hour from one meeting to another. The plan that after a session, you're going to hop on your Facebook Live or hop on your cell phone and post and then go off and start driving to where you need to go.

Make it a habit to just post once a day. That's all you need to do. You don't need to schedule this in, keep a log of your ideas or things you want to share, questions gather them, and then get the opportunity you post about it. Share some mindset techniques to stay focused. This was a good one, and I do have a tool for precisely this. It's a 15-minute meditation that I have compiled here. It's a hypnotic meditation for increased productivity. It's not something you want to listen to if you're trying to relax because it has a double. It's called a double induction, meaning that there is more than one voice giving you meditative suggestions and what it does. It bypasses your conscious mind and goes directly to the unconscious mind, which is the part of your wired and controls movement.

Suppose you want to encourage yourself to produce a specific behaviour. You want to command your unconscious mind, which is all about movement and action and motivation, so this breakthrough procrastination audio is an MP3. Otherwise, there are specific techniques, tons of methods. But I enjoy teaching them and certainly do one on one and in groups. You could do it if you want to get focused because you want to get an image of the outcome. Check out the one to one and group mentoring courses that Cherene has to offer here.

For example, let's say you needed to write one chapter of your book that you're writing for your business, and you haven't finished that chapter yet, what you want to do is you want to close your eyes, relax deeply breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Then you would get a picture of the finished outcome. That outcome would be a chapter. You'd want to see that picture of the book, the chapter, the number of the chapter, and how many pages it has.

That's an example of a task, getting a job done. If it's something towards an end goal or a vision or a project, you get the outcome of that project and see it exactly as you want it to happen. If you're going to make a certain amount of money, you've already created an ecological plan, meaning a program that will not burn you out, it's using the right amount of hours you have. Just use that power of your imagination to stimulate your body because your imagination, which is run through your unconscious mind, begins to stimulate your nervous system. To go after the thing with which you are focusing on. If you think about it long enough and you do this long enough, what happens is you're beginning to stimulate a part of your brain called the reticular activating system. This part of your mind is like a filter. It filters in everything that you program it to filter in.

What will end up happening is you'll start to see ways and people and networks and opportunities that lead you to that thing. That's one compelling way of focusing and staying focused by doing this, and this is why I say it has to be a daily activity.


My Transition into being a Fulltime Fempreneur

When I was transitioning, and I was doing what I would do, I would recite this proverb about a woman who is called an excellent woman because she is an enterprising woman. She runs her house like an enterprise and her business like an enterprise. She's known in her land. She's a queen, she has business in fields and fashion, and she has maidens that are helping her work her house. If you want to read that proverb, it's Proverbs 31. You can find it in the Bible. I would repeat that every day and I would recite it in the first person. I was saying things like that, visualizing it in my context. As I would recite this Proverb every day and see that every day and it happened. Visualization is one of the most powerful tools that you could use. Using these exercises as well as download, go ahead and get that Breakthrough Procrastination meditation.

If you like the idea of visualization and meditation to better yourself and your business but find it hard to get started and organized or want more information on it, contact Cherene and look into one of her courses or coaching services.


How to get Started on Finding Customers if you have Limited Contact with People

There's a misconception that if you sit only on Facebook and Instagram and post and message people, you'll have a thriving business. The truth is that these tools are best used when you use them in tandem with in-person, offline relationships. You want to use social media as a nurturing tool for people that you already know. My recommendation is physically network with people and make relationships that way, but cultivate those relationships online. This means that when you meet someone in person, start the relationship, find them online, and continue the conversation. You reach out to them and say, "Hey, I wanted to share this with you," and you go from there. This also gives them a chance to see you in action, driving more interest to you and your brand. People buy from people they like and trust, and that means relationships. What you would do is message people, but only after they've seen your content. Creating videos, informational videos, educational content to educate them and inspire them. Before you reach out, you got to be doing those things as well.

If you need help managing your social media to develop and organize your brand, take a look at the Create Your Brand Course. This course will give you the fundamentals of developing and managing your personal brand to obtain better results in a time-efficient way.

Tips on How to be a Mompreneur

Building a business is all about how you can serve as many people with as much value as possible. You will want to start to capitalize on your time, money, and energy because those are the tools you have to reach people. How do I answer this question is a huge one. I will answer it in stages because each stage of being a mom is different.

When my kids were toddlers, and they weren't in school. I didn't push hard during that time. That time was for me and to groom my children and take care of them and breastfeed and all of that fun stuff. However, I needed a schedule. I know some moms are feminine, where there's no structure. When the baby cries for food, they feed the baby. I'm of a different philosophy just because I am very well versed in human behaviour. I know that we are creatures of habit. If you create the environment, you can create a pattern even in a small baby. I was married to rituals for my children. That ritual was ritualistic. We got up at a particular time we eat this time. Having strict routine crates anchors that cues the baby to expect what is happening next, so if you usually close the blinds in sing before nap time, the baby will know that it's time to go to sleep every time you do those activities . It usually takes three days to engrain a pattern with a baby. They don't have all the programming that we do. It takes us 21 or more days. I was married to that structure, and I just followed through. Day one and day two, the baby may resist, but if you hold to it. The baby will eventually respond in the way that you want them to.

Once I did that, it was predictable. I knew that I had an hour here and an hour there and an hour there. I would time out, and it came out to be four solid hours where I could work during the day, and then when they were sleeping at night, which was six hours. That was a nice six-hour block that I was able to take Monday to Friday.

You got to focus and flow. That's how I balanced it as a young mom, and once I knew how much time I had, I knew where to divvy up things, and then, of course, if you didn't have enough time, you would make sure you cut off any of the fat. Anything that wasn't of importance around my family or my business.

Right now, my kids are older. They're in school, they are in child care, so they go to school, giving me even more time to focus on my brand. When I look at my calendar, this week looks like a busy week, but it's not. I block off everything, including all the fun stuff. The purpose of that is if a booking comes in, it will automatically book in here. I colour code things, so the peach for me means family. The blue usually works of some sort. It helps me organize things. I even book stuff like travel, so I know exactly how much time I have to travel. I book in if I'm going to do a Facebook Live, I book in if I'm going to the library with the kids. I book in every single thing so that I am resourceful with my time.

I don't have to-do lists. I have project management lists, write out what my projects are and what's required, but then I schedule it in terms of where it needs to be done. Get married to your calendar.

I chose a business model that supports my life. Network marketing is a great one because, in regards to the pillars, there is finance, there are marketing and sales, there's product development, there's customer service. Network marketing you don't have product development because your company is creating the products for you. You don't have to worry about customer service and shipping because of your company. All you need to worry about is marketing and sales. You save your receipts and track your mileage and send that off to the accountant, which takes care of finance, but the only thing you do need to think about is how many touch-points, how many sales conversations, and this is how. That's what you focus on as it comes to numbers and money and all that type of stuff.

Choose a business model that works for you. Network marketing works well for a lot of moms. The other thing is consulting in some way. Consulting and coaching work very well. You will need to do some education on how to be a coach and coach people and work with people if you're using life coaching. Whether it's relationship coaching, you're going to want to know that—health coaching. You want to be skilled in that area. Consulting, so if you are good with administration, event planning, tech, social media, graphic design, business growth, or anything of value, is also a great way of. Great business model because, again, you set your hours. You just got to be keen on again, your calendar. Have a great support system. Have babysitters ready to go-to babysit. Have a nanny cam. I got a nanny cam to help with my anxiety around leaving my kid with people other than myself which is something a lot of moms struggle with.

Try hiring a cleaner for your home to free up your time even more. This is what an enterprise is. You can write that stuff off because you're using that time to clean to recoup or plan. My best advice here is to look at your list and start prioritizing what you need to focus on and what somebody else could do. Then begin to divvy that and dish that out elsewhere.

If you are not much of a creative thinker and are struggling with marketing and sales, consider outsourcing this. Please take a look at Brandreign where we could handle all your marketing needs and free up your time to focus on your strengths. If you want to get better at marketing and sales and developing your brand, look at some of the courses that Cherene offers. You will learn The art of marketing and sales and build a compelling brand based around your Brand personality. Click here for more information.

Tips for Starting from Scratch?

If you are starting from scratch and don't have time and money to hire people, you need to focus on selling. If you sell, you get money and then money can hire people. If you are struggling with sales, you need to get help because sales are your cash flow, and your cash flow is where you can create an enterprise. You don't need a website and bells and whistles and all this great stuff to sell. You need a product, an exact product, a grid document that maybe summarizes what you're selling, and then you go and talk to people that need you, and you cultivate the relationship before you talk to them.

If you feel like you need extra help with gaining more sales and coming up with an effective marketing structure, look into the Create Your Brand Course. This course is perfect for people who are just starting. If you're not ready to make any commitments, just yet try taking this fun quiz to figure out what your brand personality is simply. 

People often hire people just because they are friends or business; they know them and think they could do the job. Please don't let having all these systems, and when I talk about plans, it's not just technology. Its habits, as I said before. A calendar is a system. You want to be considerate of the fact that it's not just you building your business, it's everybody that's making your enterprise. Who do you need to employ? Remember, you're probably going to be focusing on marketing and sales. This is why I'm so passionate about really helping people do that. I'm excited for all that you are creating in your business and your life.

If anything in this blog has resonated with you or you have identified any holes in your marketing or sales strategy or even your personal friend don't hesitate to contact Cherene Francis as she can help you identify where you have been going wrong and how to better your sales and marketing strategy while developing your personal brand in order to make it impact on your business

If you would like to get a complimentary business consultation, click hereYou will be directed to book an appointment with me, and I will then Direct you in the best next steps to improve your brand, business, and sales. There are so many products, programs, and services that I have that can help you establish the business and life that you're looking for. I'm looking forward to working with you or speaking with you.


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