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Get Clients Now vs Get Clients Later

Are you marketing to get clients now or later?

In my mastermind group, a client asked how she can enroll a prospect in the next 2 weeks or less. 

I took a look at her current marketing strategy and realized that a lot of her current business activities included strategies that would take 3 - 6 months to see results. 

She was shocked when I pointed this out because she needed cash fast! 

Internet Marketing and advertising is a great way to generate a stream of clients on demand. I experience it in my own business and the business of those I coach, however, you need to ensure you have all the systems and business structures in place to make that happen. 

If you don't have all the systems and processes you need, then you'll need to do some traditional forms of marketing and sales to enroll a client now.

If you want to know how to immediately ramp up your cash flow in the next couple weeks or even days, this is for you.

To get clients now, implement these four strategies.

1. Focus on Sales Activity

Marketing is not sales.

Posting on social media, blogging, advertising and sending out flyers is not sales. It's marketing.

Sales activity is when you make an intentional effort to ask and persuade your prospect to buy.

You uncover their needs and offer a service or product to fulfill on that need in order for them to get a valuable solution.

I find that a lot of new service professionals think they are selling, but really they are just promoting themselves and creating awareness.

I recommend you check out my course "Quick Cash Flow" to help you start selling with confidence.

2. Look at Your Current Lists

Take a look at all your lists. Your mailing lists, friends and family lists, contacts, facebook friends list, anyone on your social media outlets that have engaged with you in the last 30 - 90 days.

If there is enough rapport and they fall within your target market and can benefit from your offering, make an offer.

Ask them if they want to buy.


3. Go Where They Are

Ask yourself, "where are my potential clients hanging out?"

Go where they are and network, mingle and socialize. Strike an organic conversation that leads to how you can help them with your product or service.

You can find many socials and events on websites like Meetup, Eventbrite, Facebook Events or just by googling "events (enter your city)."

Go with a positive attitude and contagious spirit. Allow your high vibe to attract the right people to you.

Don't be shy!

Just put yourself out there and you will find that your interactions will naturally lead to more referrals and sales.

You can do this both online and offline. You will find that you convert faster in person and offline.

4. Focus on What You Want and Take Risks

At the top of the day, be sure to implement some visualization practices to start programming your mind to see your ideal client avatar. This will motivate your body and heighten your awareness to recognize the fastest and most effective way of getting a new client.

Be sure to do this from a place of ease and trust.

I believe God designed the universe to support you, but you need to believe that you are supported. Take responsibility for your business and life through mindfulness practices. Trust that you are worthy of manifesting a bountiful business full of amazing clients.

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