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Goal Setting Tips for 2021 - Your Best Year Yet!

Although 2021 may appear unpredictable with all the global shifts that have been happening in the year 2020, I assure you that if you choose to have an incredible year - it MUST HAPPEN.

Here are three of my best tips for casting your 2021 vision.


Tip 1: Shift Your State

Meditate and get yourself into a feeling of joy, freedom, and abundance before casting your vision. You can only create amazing things from amazing energy. Schedule at least 1 hour to shift into abundant energy through self-hypnosis first and then block out a minimum of 2 hours for vision casting.

Tip 2: Remember that you are a coCreator!

Don't let lack of time, money, or energy resources stop you. Know that you have access to unlimited possibilities if you believe. Quantum science teaches us that our point of view opens or closes doors of possibility. Your dreams are just as real as reality itself. With this knowledge, set big goals that light you up!

Tip 3: Write Your Goals Down as a Short Story

Get detailed and write a 1500 - 2000 word short story about your year. Add all the details and elicit the feelings, sensations, sights, and sounds you will experience throughout the year. Take it a step further by collecting images and photos that illustrate your story. Publish it, print it, and read it to yourself every night throughout the year. It's your own personal empowerment story. This helps entertain your unconscious mind (the behavioral part of the brain responsible for motivation) of the possibility and reminds you why you get up every morning. It will continue to inspire and hold you accountable to your goals throughout the year.

Tip 4: Leverage the Mindset & Business Resources

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Success is easier than you think. I continue to apply these practices.
They have never failed me.
Now it's your turn!

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