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How to Cope with the Growing Pains of Success

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2018

It's normal for you to experience some discomfort on the journey to your vision.

When you are in transition and you're about to produce a new way of living, feeling fearful or frustrated is normal.
In this post, I will share keys to help you grow through your transition and put your discomfort in its proper perspective.

Discomfort verses Pain

Please know that when I refer to discomfort, I am not talking about “pain.”
Pain is a neurological experience designed to tell us to stop or pay attention.
When I talk about discomfort here, I am describing the process of going beyond what you’re used to in order to stretch your emotional and behavioural abilities.
It’s like the saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.”

Here are examples of what I mean by discomfort: 

  • Lifting weights until your muscles are tired. There is discomfort while lifting the weight, however, you will definitely stop lest you rip a muscle. Stretching your muscles is another example of this.
  • Growing pains of a child, both in limbs or when a new tooth is bursting through the gums.
  • A rock goes under intense pressure before it becomes a diamond.
  • Gold must be refined under intense heat before it is pure.
  • When a mother is delivering her baby, there is a “transition phase” of her labour where she bears the "unbearable."
Now that we understand our goal isn't to experience pain, let’s learn how we can grow through discomfort in order to realize our dreams and produce tangible fruits from our ideas.

1. Keep Your Eyes off the Discomfort

Have you ever had the experience of getting a cut,  and you never noticed that it hurt until you looked at it. This is because whatever you focus on will expand.
Don’t spend too much time wallowing in your challenge and problems. 
You’ll only perpetuate it or make it worse. 

2. Focus on the Goal and Solutions

Instead of looking at the discomfort, focus on the outcome and future reality of your vision.
If the goal is meaningful to you, it should appear bigger than the discomfort at hand and even feel worth the wait.
Get excited about what is to come and be grateful that you even have the strength and good health to go through the process. 
If you need help with getting clear on your vision and how to get there, connect with me here.

3. Track Your Progress 

 Just lift your head up from your day to day work and see how far you moved from the starting line.
You started yeah! Celebrate that!
Now, look how far you have moved forward! Yea!
Cheers and high five me!
Remember the only person you are racing with is yourself, therefore, the only thing that you can measure is how far you have come. 
No need to compare - just celebrate!
Now go ahead and keep growing through your journey. 
Embrace the pressure and let it motivate and push you to the next level of success!


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