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How to Map Out the Next 3 Months to Reach Your Money Goal


The easiest way to achieve your money goal is through taking action on a strategic marketing and sales plan for your business.

Having a marketing and sales strategy will remove the guesswork, overwhelm and fear.

It will also keep you focused and on track, lest the nice shiny objects and "squirrels" come your way.

Read on if you want the know How to Map Out the Next 3 Months to Reach Your Money Goal.

I will be using the Let it Rain Planner for Entrepreneurs as a template.

1. Pick A Time Frame

Like a map, a strategic goal assumes a coordinate of some sort: what, where, when?

These are simple targets to help give us clarity for the next steps in our path. 

When creating a marketing plan for your business, you may choose to plan out your year in quarterly 3-month time frames.

Q1: January - March

Q2: April - June

Q3: July - September

Q4: October - December

Pick the start and finish dates of your plan.

Example: September 10 - December 10 of 20XX.

2. Declare the Money Goal

Now ask yourself, "how much money do I want to make in this time frame?"

Choose a goal that is realistic (meaning that you won't die trying to get rich), and that will stretch you. 

Take into account the different aspects of business and life: how much time, money, support and resources do you have to produce this money goal? 

Don't spend too much time here deciding your goal. Listen to the Money Mindset Meditation in this kit here then quickly choose the number that comes to you first.

Write down the number with the time.

Example: I am so elated to make $30,000 in gross sales between September 10 - December 10, 20XX.

3. Break Down the Goal

Now take your goal and break it down into digestible chunks. This significantly reduces the fear and overwhelm, and will also help you focus on the actions that will yield the most results.
Using the same example as above, here is how you would break down the goal.
There are 13 weeks in each 3-month quarter.
$15,000 divided by 13 weeks = $1,154/week
$15,000 divided by 3 months =  $5,000/month

4. Choose the Most Effective Actions

This step is golden.

With a clear determination to achieve your weekly or monthly money goal, ask yourself this question:

"What is the ONE THING I need to do to make this happen?"

For example, if your weekly goal is $1154, you would need to think of the ONE or MAYBE TWO (NO MORE THAN THREE) things to make that happen.

Get honest with yourself and cut the crap - the idle actions that bring no results and choose wisely.

The most important things gain priority on your calendar.

5. Map Out Your Actions (Marketing/Sales Strategy)

Using your content calendar section in your Let it Rain Planner, begin mapping out all the key actions that will lead you to bring in your weekly, monthly and quarterly goals.

If you need more clarity on different Marketing Strategies to attract more clients into your business, take the Let it Rain Masterclass online course. It will help you decide on the strategies that are best for your business.

6. Press Play!

Put your head down and take action.

No hesitation.

No second guessing.

Just trust your plan and follow through to the end.

7. Track as You Go

Each week, tally up your money. 

What did you create in sales?

How many sales conversations or presentations did you have?

If you were a bit behind, tack on what you didn't achieve onto the next week.

If you had a surplus great!

8. Celebrate!

Whether you smash your goal or fall utterly flat on your face - still celebrate my sisters. In every action, there is a learning. Go get a drink and then give yourself a pat on the back and then do something different.

And if you want to do it bigger and better next time, you can always book a complimentary session with me and my team and we'll help you get on the right track to Mapping Out Your Months to Make More Money!



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