"I Don't Know What to Say!" - How to Market Your Personal Brand

What to say? What to say? What to say?

Is that question paralyzing you?

Most coaches don't know how to talk about themselves.

They are so passive with their marketing because they're stuck thinking about how to communicate.

Sometimes they say nothing at all.

There is a lot of fear around annoying people or coming across "too salesy."

And if they are confident, they jump to speaking about how "this product will do wonders."

They use wishy-washy language that sounds nice, but isn't clear - it's confusing.

They talk about their products, their programs, but never really share WHO THEY ARE.

They brush it off like it's not important.

"I don't need a personal brand," they say.

"It's not about me," they say.

If you want to call in more clients, cash and sell more so you can serve more people, you need to get over yourself!


It's time you "Know Thyself." (Socrates)

When you know your unique brand; your unique package of passions, talents, and potentialities, you will Know What to Say.

You'll feel more clear and confident about who you are.

You'll shout it out on the rooftops and show up more powerfully in the marketplace, networking, on stage, online and on camera.

And then you won't confuse people.

Instead, you'll inspire them to take action.

Work with you and buy.

Ready to discover yourself?

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