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Ode to the Perfect - 7 Ways to Get Over Perfectionism


She's prim and proper
So righteous and meek.
She won't make a move
'Til it's done to a T.
She shuffles her papers.
She scrolls through her screens.
Checking her facebook and
Liking those memes.
The time keeps on ticking.
The day turns to night.
Another one past,
But it's still "just not right."
Oh, talented one,
Just lead with your heart.
When will you learn
It's okay just to start?

Written By Cherene Francis 

7 Ways to Get Over Perfectionism


Embrace Failure.

Go and publicly announce to everyone, friends, family and colleagues, that you're about to take a leap and there is a very high chance that you'll mess things up. That way, when you do, you can still be right and say, "I told you so!"It's mind trickery for yourself. It lets you feel more in control.

Give Yourself Grace.

You're a human being, and stuff happens. When did you learn that you had to get it right the first time? When you were a baby learning to walk, I'm sure you didn't have to walk on your first try. Why is it that when you're older, you have to get it perfect the first time? Hug your inner child and allow her to live life authentically. The experience where you can screw up and have fun.

Give Yourself a Deadline.

Look at your goals and your schedule and decided on a realistic timeline to complete the project. There is no rush but just give yourself a reasonable period with a little buffer to get it done. Tell someone about your deadline and have them keep you accountable with a consequence and a reward for completing it.

Hand it in Any Way!

If you have your project 75 - 80% done just hand it in any way! Remember what it was like to be in school and have an exam? Only by giving it in will you still earn points. If you don't hand anything in, you get no points!

Stop Comparing.

While you are creating your project STOP LOOKING AT WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING. The comparing and over analyzing will paralyze you, and you'll keep going back to the endless drawing board. Do yourself a favour and be ignorant of what everyone else is doing.

Come Back to It 3 - 6 Months Later.

Once it's done (or partially done) - LEAVE IT! Close your eyes and move forward. You are allowed to come back to it in 3 - 6 months, which is considered a quarterly check-in for business and goal setting.
You may notice that you don't need to change or add anything because everything worked out fine...which leads me to my last tip.

Trust God.

Did you know our conscious mind is only ever able to perceive LESS THAN 1% of what is actually going on? Meaning that there are 99 out of 100 other ways of getting the project done that you can't see. Don't put your faith in a meaningless 1%. Trust that God designed a universe that has your back. You are loved and safe. It will all work out.

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