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Quit the 9-5 Movement

business entrepreneurship Sep 14, 2016


I was always rebellious towards the traditional career. Just the thought of working for somebody and sitting at a desk from 9-5 gives me a bad feeling in my stomach. I actually feel like projectile vomiting. If you have this feeling too, it’s an indication that you have the entrepreneurial bug.

Watch the Story Behind the Quit the 9-5 Movement


It’s funny – I remember when I was 16 years old and I had a dream that I was working in a factory full of women. The setting reminded me of something from the industrial revolution in the 1800s. I was on an assembly line working miserably when all of a sudden I jumped up on the tables and started speaking and shouting to the women in the factory. I don’t remember what I was saying, but I do know that I was starting some sort of revolution.

This dream came to my recollection the morning I was getting ready to speak at my first Quit the 9-5 Event. It was one of those dreams that I always kept in the back of my head. It was lucid and appeared to carry some sort of prophetic reassurance that I would someday be leading many women and men in some sort of empowerment movement.

So I want to ask you. Where is your heart when it comes to working a 9-5? Or how does it feel to be stuck in a career that isn’t serving your soul or your bank accounts?

How does it feel to be stuck in a career that isn’t serving your soul or your bank accounts?

If you love your job – great! Koodos to you.

But if you have even the slightest inclination to venture out, build a thriving business and become an investment savvy entrepreneur, we should talk.

As a success coach, entrepreneur and empowerment speaker, I have successfully quit my 9-5 and now I’m pumped to help other women and men do the same.

The benefits of being independent with all the money and time freedom to spend time with your loved ones and serve the community is fulfilling. I get up each morning with an excitement for life and I seriously love Monday mornings.

If you desire to start your own passion based business or you just need a transition plan to quit your job in 6 months or less. Here’s my best advice.


Your ability to successfully transition into entrepreneurship depends on your ability to decide on what you truly want in your career and life. This has to be a decision that you NEVER go back on. Even the slightest idea or desire to be comfortable in a job will be a stumbling stone because rough times are guaranteed. You need to be able to stand firm in your choice or you’ll turn out to be one of the many business entrepreneurs that give up. Your decision is a powerful action. It predicts the future and guarantees manifestation.

Choose Your Vehicle

There are many roads to a successful business. Get clear on the path you want to take to start making money. A success coach, like myself, can help you determine where to start based on your talents, skills, and desired lifestyle.

Here are a few ways you can start your venture:

  • Become a coach or consultant (Easy with low/no overhead)
  • Join a reputable network marketing company (I know a great one)
  • Become an intrapreneur in a direct sales company
  • Start an online business

Make a Plan

You need a business plan. It should include your target market, service descriptions, pricing, marketing strategy, business cash flow, mission statement, vision statement and sales projections that reflect your income goals for your business and yourself.

Creating a 6 to 12-month plan is a good place to start. You may need to cut back on your hobbies or other leisure activities in order to focus on building your business while working a 9-5. Once you know how much time you have to dedicate to your business, set realistic goals to get work done within these hours. Work your business as if it had fixed business hours. If you’re currently not working, consider picking up something part-time so you will have the funds to invest in your business as well as relieve the stress and panic of trying to find money.

Commit to Life Long Personal Growth

In entrepreneurship, you will constantly be challenged to get better. In fact, according to Tony Robbins, 80% of your success is all psychology and the other 20% is your strategy. You can count on winning the game just by developing your mindset and emotions towards creating a successful business.

For example, you will need to have an optimistic outlook and faith that you will be able to acquire the contracts, customers, and sales you desire even though it may appear like no one is interested in what you have to offer.

You will also need to master yourself. Get up on time. Work out. Eat well. Set boundaries. Meet deadlines. The list goes on and on and if you have an employee mentality (which you do if you have been an employee for most of your life or you come from a family of traditionally employed people) it will feel challenging to change your habits as you grow into the person you need to become to run a successful business.

To reshape your behaviour and thinking you WILL need to do the following non-negotiables:

  • Read Personal Development books on a daily basis
  • Implement new visualization techniques to remove limiting beliefs and install new behaviors
  • Stay up to date on industry trends
  • Take courses to learn new business skills
  • Hire 2-3 coaches to hold you accountable and guide you  on the journey. I recommend one for business, one for personal development. I currently have 5 coaches/mentors.

Change Your Circle

You will need to change or expand your circle for two reasons: Networking and Positive Support.


Naturally, you will need to spread the word about your business and generate referrals from friends, family and business associates. Be sure to TELL EVERYONE you can about your new venture.

Positive Support

If your circle tends to be other employees, then you will run into the problem of nay-sayers or worry-worts that tell you to stop struggling and get a job. These people are poisonous to your mind and vision. Stay far away!

Join or create a mastermind of people that are like-minded and are already finding success in their business. This is great for support for you as it will help you generate referral and stay accountable to your goals.

Stay Accountable

This is soooooo important. You need to tell someone your weekly and monthly goals so that you will feel obligated to actually achieve your goals. A coach will help you set goals and work towards them and if they really want to help you get results, they will help you set a consequence if you don’t hit your bench marks.

Track Your Success…and Failures

Track your goals, every day, week, month, year to review your progress. You’ll need to look at what worked and what didn’t. Focus on your strengths and what’s working and keeping going. Avoid getting stuck and paralysed trying to figure out everything on your own. This leads to inactivity, confusion, and failure.

However, failure isn’t always bad. Surprisingly, your failures will teach and push you into massive success. If you do have a failure moment, don’t be hard on yourself. Simply step back, evaluate the situation, and KEEP MOVING.

So it’s time you sound the trumpet and scre the 9-5!

Make a plan and get into laser focused action with an unstoppable attitude.

I promise you that if you’re committed to succeed, you will make the jump into full-time successful entrepreneurship.


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