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What is Personal Branding? Do You Need One?

personal branding Nov 03, 2020


What is Personal Branding

Personal branding is just you. You are the brand, and it's the experience that people have when they interact with you. This can be in person, it could be online, on stage, in any general situation, your book, your content, all of that is what people genuinely experience when they're engaging with you. So when we think about this, everyone has their own brand. It's just about whether or not you have a clear brand, if it's intentional and if it reflects what you want it to reflect.


How to Leverage Your Personal Brand

People can use their personal brand and leverage it to promote their business, get more customers and clients, and book more opportunities like speaking engagements. Maybe you want to be seen or known in your industry; maybe you also want to have more of a portfolio for your career track. This is all that you can do with personal branding. You want to get clear on what is your visual strategy. You also want to know what your written and verbal strategy is because this is how we communicate.


What Our Personal Brands Communicate

We communicate who we are when we show up visually through colors, images, fonts, logos, design, and body language. We also communicate with what we are saying. The majority of it is visual; however, what you're saying also has a powerful impact. If you haven't already done so, take the brand personality style quiz, which will get you started with learning.


Resources to Help You Create a Personal Brand

For more in-depth information on personal branding photoshoots, and using your marketing images, check out my Create Your Brand Course or Join My Coaching Program


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