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When Doors Close on Your Dreams


I was supposed to be a Philosophy teacher at the University of Toronto...or at least that's what I thought.

That was my last option after seeing doors close to my dreams due to family and financial matters.

But then one thing led to another, that led to SUCCESS IN BUSINESS & LIFE and I am still on an amazing journey.

Are you positioned to receive your desires too?

Ready to "Let it Rain" more Riches, Abundance and Increase in ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE NOW?

Is money stopping you?

Is fear stopping you?

Here are my insights on what to expect when the doors close on your dreams.



Realize that your path may not go as planned...

Things that I desired and wanted for my life didn't seem to pan out as well as I wanted them to.
I wanted to do acting and producing. I wanted to inspire the world and a for a moment, those doors closed as I had to pick up a full-time job to start paying for school by myself.

..But if you keep focusing on what you want, dreams do come true.

For a moment in time, it seemed like my dreams would never come true.
However, there's something about vision boards that will always lead you back on to the path of truly going after your desires.
Do you have a vision clearly outlined with symbols and pictures?

Trust in the unseen and the divine law of attraction.

We don't need to know how it's going to happen all the time.
You don't need a straight path to your goals.
As a matter of fact, often times one thing leads to another.
For example, I started a business and it wasn't even in a field that I studied in school. I had a degree in religion when I started my business as an image consultant, but I was really good at imagery and coaching, so I started working in the image and personal growth field.
One thing led to another and eventually, I saw my success and I continue to experience it.
  • I have an established consulting business
  • I produced and hosted an international TV Show
  • I have time flexibility for my family
  • I indulge in my personal passions in acting and the performing arts.
  • I don't have to ask permission to take the day off 
All of these things happened because my business was a vehicle

Lack of Money & Resources Cannot Stop You!

Sometimes big dreamers have a block around resources.
It's either, you believe...
"I don't have the time," because you're in a nine-to-five.
"I'm tired," because you have kids or so many responsibilities.
Or "I don't have the money to invest."
Don't let time, money or lack of energy be an excuse.
Did you know that we have that capacity to create the so-called impossible?


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