Reach More People & Make More Money

The Let it Rain Masterclass shows you what to say and do to sell your high-end offers and bring in an abundance of clients, sales and opportunities with Personal Brand Marketing & Sales.


Let it RAIN: "Riches Abundance Increase Now!"

Imagine Powerfully Sharing Your Products and Services and Hearing More People Saying "Yes" To Your Offer.

  1. Stop competing with everyone else at networking events, online or on social media.
  2. Get a laser clear Niche so you stand out and make more money faster.
  3. Set yourself free from limiting beliefs around marketing and promoting yourself to hundreds of thousands people.
  4. Get the Full System required to sell $5,000 and $10,000 offers...or anything you want!

More Influence

Build a larger audience and list of people that you can market to and share your products on services both on and offline.

More Impact

Get people engaged with you! Asking questions, commenting and inquiring about your unique offerings.

More Income

Yes! Confident selling and money making activities that solve your customers problems while you fulfill your passion and purse!

Your Brand Seen & Heard

In the Let it Rain Masterclass you will learn how to get your brand out to the masses.

Rich Niche

You don't have to compete for business when you have a "Rich Niche." You'll stand out and be the go to expert in your industry. This is the quickest way to attract higher quality clients and making more money

Marketing Mix

Design an 3 part automated marketing system that will expand your reach online and offline. Attract amazing opportunities and the higher paying clients you desire.

Selling with Soul

Set up a sales system that continues to cultivate deeper relationships with your prospects and current customers for larger deals and repeat clients.

craft your brand marketing strategy

A one to one strategy session with Cherene Francis is valued at $1000, but you can buy the online Let it Rain Masterclass now for only $47.


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