I love showing people how to shine on stage on camera and in life, and I do it myself too! I'm a Media Queen, and I love using media to create entertaining, educational, and inspiring content. You can find me on all platforms and mediums, including commercials, social media, television, and film. Click the links below to watch and listen or contact me for your upcoming project.

Television Show

The Cherene Francis Show shares the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who have overcome the odds to launch and grow their business and serve the community. The show features authentic conversations with multi-millionaires, best-selling authors, dynamic leaders and entrepreneurs with a chief aim of understanding the driving mindset and motivation behind their success.

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In an intimate setting, Cherene Francis brings you powerful insights and interviews to help you “Manifest Your Divine Potential” and be the person that creates a life of purpose, passion, pleasure & profit! Topics of discussion include Entrepreneurship, High-Performance Thinking, Personal Branding, Marketing, Wealth Creation, Relationships, Faith & Family.

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Acting for Film & TV

As a Professional Actor, I love to explore the depth of humanity and showcase profound lessons through Film, Television and Social Media. I love movies, the stage, the camera and using media to inspire people. I value artistic expression, freedom, and spiritual connection. I welcome inquiries for future projects and collaboration in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, LA and beyond.

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