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Hi, I'm Cherene!

As long as I can remember, I was always fascinated by how people could tap into their highest potential.

During my childhood days, I experienced much trauma, and in my adolescents, after watching close family members suffer from mental illness or addiction, I turned to my local library self-help section to navigate my way through life.

I became a counselor when I was a teenager, and to this day I am a teacher, business coach, and mindset practitioner to leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are ready to tap into their greatness.

Are you ready?

Mindset Coaching for Business & Life

NO MORE Emotions, Thoughts & Current Circumstances Clouding Your Judgment or Action.

You Can Be Abundant with Fulfilling Relationships, a Passionate Career/Business, and a Life of Joy, Peace & Freedom.

If You're Currently Feeling Stuck, Confused, or Overwhelmed, You Can Choose Something Different If You Learn How to Use the Grace & Power of Your Mind.


How It Works!

This 6-month program will help you release unconscious patterns that sabotage your goals and instill new beliefs and behaviors that get you the desired outcomes.

The Program Includes:

Month 1: Identify

  • 2 Hour Deep Dive Exploration to Understand the Nature of Your Challenge (Via Zoom)
  • 30 Days of unconscious reframing/shifting - You are given (daily/weekly) tasks and are in communication via email/calls

Month 2 - 3: Intervene

  • We use mindset technologies, spiritual philosophies, and hypnotic processes to release limiting emotions, beliefs, and behaviors
  • We reprogramme new values, attitudes, beliefs, and practices that empower you to move towards your goals.
  • (Three 2-hour Zoom Sessions over a 6 week period.)

Month 4 - 6: Integrate

  • Three months of actioning your goals and new behaviors.
  • You are given (daily/weekly) tasks, and we are in communication via email/calls.
  • We continue to do mindfulness work and apply mindset technologies for success.
  • 45-Minute Call Via Zoom each month

"It's been a pleasure working with Cherene in her Mindset Coaching program. She helped me uncover some fears and blocks that were stopping me from progressing in my business. I feel more self-aware which has led me to feel more confident in reaching my business goals. Cherene offers practical easy to follow strategies which I love because life gets busy! Cherene is always pleasant, friendly and approachable and I am grateful to have her as my coach! I would recommend her services 100%!"

Simone Lyn
Creative Director & Photographer

Let Me Formally Introduce Myself

Cherene's life mission is to inspire humanity to achieve greater levels of possibility.

She has formal education and experience in Religious Studies, Philosophy, Spirituality, Film/TV Media, Communications & Personal-Brand Marketing.

Cherene is also an Internationally Board Designated Institute and Trainer of Hypnosis, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy, and Master NLP Coach based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where she happily resides with her husband and two daughters.

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Curious to Know What Magic You Can Create?

Imagine the possibilities of having all the resources, time, money, and energy to create whatever you desire.

Yes! That dream - right there! It's possible.

Reach out to me for a complimentary chat, and we'll discover if this program is right for you.

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More Testimonials for Mindset, High-Performance Thinking, Spiritual Coaching


“When I first reached out to Cherene, I didn’t have any goals. Having been ambitious my whole life, it was upsetting to be without a mission. Cherene helped me to remove the blocks that were stopping me from creating a new vision for my career and life. The process was a series of sessions to clear away negative beliefs. I think that was different from the “typical” process and appreciated that it was modified to best suit what would help me most. When I started, I dreaded going to work every day. I couldn’t wait to figure out what my new goal was so I could quit. Now I truly enjoy my work and get a lot of satisfaction from it. I also became more accepting of myself and setbacks I face. Last but not least, I realized what my career goals are an now have a clear action plan in place to move forward. I enjoyed that there was a personal component to the coaching sessions. Cherene did a wonderful job of inspiring me with her own personal experiences that helped motivate me in my own journey. I am not sure how it worked, but I look back on how different my life was before I started this process and see such a concrete change that I would recommend Cherene to anyone looking for a breakthrough.”

 – Sarah Vizel, Medical/Technical Engineer (Entrepreneur)


“I had limiting beliefs about my abilities, capabilities, relationships, and MONEY! You helped me uncover my limiting beliefs in my subconscious. Then you used an NLP technique to transport me to the time where the particular belief began in order to erase it and replace it with a newer powerful belief. Wow…. Friends have noticed the exponential growth in my posts on Facebook. They can tell I am just going for it. My business is expanding and growing. I am no longer afraid of money. I find that I do not get as many “no’s” and people are coming to me instead of me having to seek them out. I no longer get scared of trying new things or talking to people about their health and fitness goals. The most delightful part is your energy that you bring with you. You radiate confidence, courage, and strength which is contagious.”

– Liz Streich, Health and Fitness Coach


“I was at an interesting junction in my life and business. Working with Cherene helped me breakthrough challenges that have been a part of me longer than I gave it credit. Not only can I not recall those thoughts and/or feelings, they are no longer a part of my life.”

– Doris Chung, Book and Print Publisher

“Before I worked with Cherene I felt lost in the myriad of choices available to me and found it really hard to action toward building my own business. It always seemed easier to do other things, and that gave me no satisfaction. It only put a drain on business and the rest of my life. Working through my problem with Cherene was a transformative experience. I started the day with confusion and left with motivation and direction to action my goals. Her focus on getting me from problem to the solution was truly appreciated. As I look to the future, I’m so excited and motivated to complete the steps necessary to have my own business – as soon as we were done I had already started mentally planning my first workshop days and locations! With her guidance, I see the path towards reaching success and doing so in a way that meets my core needs. I also am more present with friends and family now, because I stay on task, and the work is being done efficiently.”
– Shannon Pole, Life Coach
“Before I worked with Cherene, I was stuck in a rut of procrastination and guilt and really didn’t know how to proceed. While I worked with Cherene, I felt her total focus on me and her complete belief that I can change and move forward. Now I find it difficult to remember what my problem was! I feel excited about my possibilities!”
– Judy Zhok, Pharmacist

"I never in a million years thought that I would ever leave my job as a teacher or did I imagine that I could turn that passion into what I do for a living until I met Cherene. She has had a phenomenal effect on my life. It has completely transformed since I met her a year and a half ago. I have now left my job as a Teacher which was draining me, and I have found the confidence to recognize that I'm good at business. Cherene saw something in me that I didn't even see in myself. She was the one who told me in the beginning that my life was going to change. She could see that she wanted to help me grow beyond where I was, and she did. Within a year and a half of meeting her, I have made the complete transition into entrepreneurship. If you're considering a change in your life if you are feeling stuck if you're trying to overcome a plateau I can't recommend Cherene enough."

Rebbeca Naylor
Wellness Coach

Forget About the How. You'll Figure that Out Later.

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Business & Life Coaching Case Study


"I had a lack of clarity around marketing and lack of confidence that had the inner resources to do what I want to do. I questioned whether I was good enough.

Cherene took me through weekly calls around mindset and created a hypnotherapy mindset audio. She would also work with me individually and within a group session. She taught me marketing, copywriting and Facebook. She also taught me how to find my superpowers, my avatar, target marketing. We also did a one on one mindset breakthrough. She taught me how to be confident in the media and TV!
Cherene is the Kool-Aid without the sugar. Amazing!

She taught us how to tell our story on stage. Now I have no qualms about public speaking. She provided a safe platform for us to practice speaking. She loves unconditionally. Now, I have made concrete steps toward my accountability program and personal brand."

Marsha Lecour

Success Coach

Business & Life Coaching Case Study

"Before working with Cherene, I had overwhelmed and did not know how to start a business. I was not confident. I had no voice and felt like crap.

Cherene took me through the steps of getting confident and the steps to get my target market and all that I needed to do to start a business.
The mindset clearing allowed me to get the clutter out of my mind and the noisy fight. I sleep like a baby now.

I love coming on the calls every week and being held accountable. She always supported me along the way.

Now I am definitely more confident. I sleep better. Far better.
I'm being me. I am accepting where I am, and I am now building my website, and I found my voice. I am out there and more confident.

I really enjoyed Cherene's program. I loved all the content and how she lets people go at there own pace. I think it was awesome, and the calls were great."

Nisha Goyal

Life Coach

Business & Life Coaching Case Study

"My "aha" moment was when I realized my marketing had to be lifestyle branding. I moved away from what I thought marketing was before. I thought I had to always give knowledge.

Cherene helped me create content. I have a more polished brand. Now I am able to have confidence in communication with my clients. Those old stories are not in my space. I am more motivated and just get on with my work. The way I structure my days is more productive. I feel good about being online.

I'm so grateful and happy I did Cherene's program.

I definitely overcame mindset hurdles and the heavier and bigger blocks. I have grown out of that."

Maggie O'Connor
Wellness Consultant

Business & Life Coaching Case Study

"I participated in Cherene's mastermind groups for both mindset and marketing. Having never done a business coaching program before it was a huge risk for me. Six months I am better equipped than I ever thought possible to put myself in the path of success for that I'm glad I took the risk and got more than I'd hoped for as a reward.

Before taking her program I was not understanding the reason why my marketing wasn't working. I felt confused and frustrated by not really understanding what to do and how to strategically put my services out to potential clients. When you see other people doing the things you should be doing and its simple, but you're not having success with it it can be so frustrating. I didn't know how best to use my time and energy to get the best results for me - resulting in taking a lot of random 'desperate' actions with no true focus. 

During her program, Cherene helped me gain an understanding of the steps and systems that would give me results. She provided me with a workable and easy to understand templates to follow and the reasons why. She also digs deep to give the nitty gritty details of how to do each step. Nothing I needed to know (regardless of how minuscule/silly I felt the question was) went unanswered. I don't like reinventing the wheel so this part of her teaching style was invaluable to me. She is invested in her clients succeeding and at every turn made sure she talked about the parts that specifically mattered most to each person at any given point. Her style let me learn so much about myself and my business as well as learn from others through their eyes and questions.

As a result of the mental-emotional clearing during the mindset work we did, I feel more open and positive about my potential for success than ever. I'm no longer rigid in my thinking or actions around how my life & business can be structured. I feel more relaxed and confident about getting clients because now I know how to stay or bring myself back on track. The whole process was very empowering and I feel confident and stronger about putting myself 'out there' with a mindset of 'being of good service' - no more 'I need money' desperation. 'RAIN' doesn't need to arrive exactly as I imagined it before and that ability to let go of how and outcomes been a blessing.  

On the marketing/business side I've ended the program with a new website. Not just the shiny stuff but the stuff that will work and that I can build on as my business grows. I have a clear understanding of how to track my social media and marketing strategies, plan out all the steps I need to take in each area and use marketing to my best advantage. I know who my target is, how and where I can find my target market and what to do when I reach them to result in more clients. Cherene helped me get my marketing strategy target focused rather than going after every shiny object or opportunity hoping something worked. I now have a clear system to follow and detailed knowledge on how, when and why to change if something doesn't end up working in my favour. Her knowledge and teaching have helped me understand marketing in a new way. I'm now able to be patient with the marketing process and focus on providing great service each time using the process results in new clients."

Leslie Jordan
Professional Organizer & Home Staging

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