Money Mindset Breakthrough Healing & Receiving Course

Get rid of money and sales blocks in your business and life.



This process will help you remove the unconscious patterns and install new beliefs and behaviours that get you the results you want.

Breakthrough Your Money & Sales Blocks Now!

Claim Your Money Making Power and Let it RAIN: Riches, Abundance & Increase Now! 

It's time to let got the struggle and the weight:

  • Passively Sharing Your Business and Holding Back
  • The Fear and Anxiety of Stating Your Prices or Asking for a Yes!
  • The Sales Scarcity of Chasing, Annoying or Even Spamming Prospects
  • The Negative Money Programming that Attracts People that Can't See the Value of What You're Selling

This program will help you produce the behaviours of the money-making RainMaker that you are!

The Results:

  • Step up and own your voice so that your prospects take action!
  • Feel the ease and grace of selling form the heart.
  • Receive the money and clients you desire.

How Much Do You Want to Earn Every Month? Let's Make it Happen!


In this online course you will learn: 


Module 1 - Getting to the Root of Money & Sales Challenges

Deep Dive to share your deep desires, visions, and goals. Get to the root problem of why you haven't been able to create the business and lifestyle you want.

Module 2 - Releasing & Reprogramming Your Mind for Abundance

We use hypnotic processes and reprogramme emotions, beliefs, and behaviours so that you can release all your money & sales blocks.


Improve Your Ability to Attract Money

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Liz Streich

“I had limiting beliefs about my abilities, capabilities, relationships, and MONEY! You helped me uncover my limiting beliefs in my subconscious. Then you used an NLP technique to transport me to the time where the particular belief began in order to erase it and replace it with a newer powerful belief. Wow…. Friends have noticed exponential growth. I am no longer afraid of money. ”