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Cherene helps consultants, sales and service professionals confidently get more clients, sales and opportunities through personal brand-marketing strategies.


Cherene helps entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, sales and services professionals confidently get more clients, sales and opportunities. Whether you need help with your "Mindset" or "Marketing," Cherene provides a holistic approach to getting the clients and opportunities you desire.

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Career Professionals

Agents, intrapreneurs and representatives that want to standout in the field and take an innovative approach to communicating with prospects for big deals.

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Speakers & Thought Leaders

Engage and motivate your audience to take action on your message. Whether your on stage or behind a camera, you'll communicate with confidence.

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"I just sold my first 20 session package tonight. Honestly, I’ve implemented the concepts from your workshops. I haven’t even finished my new website or anything. This was just from me being my new confident self. Thanks, I’m so excited!"

Alison Coombs
Fitness Coach

" I had a wonderful time with Cherene! I cannot thank her enough. She clarified all my queries and gave me a new perspective on my marketing. There were a lot of loose ends and I needed a lot of understanding, so she was able to help me tie it all together and have a very clear view of what I need to do to build my brand. Thank you Cherene!"

Sumita Mukherjee
STEM Educator

"I needed to learn how to develop my brand and create a website. Now, I understand myself better and can relate that to prospects. I loved the way you used probing questions to uncover the uniqueness in me. You helped me build my business in terms of platforms and landing pages and showed me how to do it through social media and thank you!"

Liz Streich

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