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The Cherene Francis Show

The Cherene Francis Show

Hosted by: Cherene Francis

A raw and uncut audio journal of me my thoughts, ideas, and stories. Get a refreshing perspective from an Entrepreneur, Actor, Producer & Coach doing it all as a Mom, Wife, and Spiritual Leader. Submit a...

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Lazy & Getting Things Done

If I had it my way, I would probably just spend my life watching movies all day, but here is how I stay lazy and get things done. --- Send in a voice message:
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Pace Yourself to Reach Big Goals

Racing or chasing a goal is not ecological to your well being. I share how I pace myself so I don’t burn out in the process of achieving my goals. --- Send in a voice message:
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I Am Enough

Sometimes we don’t realize areas that we are lacking confidence. I share a short story of how I discover more of my power. --- Send in a voice message:
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Why a Pointless Life is Powerful!

The irony! Yes - Life can appear pointless, but there is power in that fact. In this episode, I share why that's a powerful position. --- Send in a voice message:
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There’s No Point to Life, but I’m Grateful

In the midst of mastering the mundane things can get a little pointless. I've learned that gratitude cures the soul and stimulates joy in a dreadful vain world. --- Send in a voice message:...
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Fear of Self Promotion on Social Media

Some insights on what I am doing to confidently show up on social media. --- Send in a voice message:
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Closet Creative - I’m Coming Out!

After years of being a closet artist (a creative person that desires to make a career as an artist but is afraid that it won't pay the bills), I'm finally stepping out. Here are my thoughts. --- Send in a voice...
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The Cherene Francis Show (Trailer)

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