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Cherene Francis has inspired well over 100,000 viewers on stage, international television and live video. Whether you’re a business, corporation, media group, nonprofit organization or conference, Cherene can discuss how she can work with you for your event.

About Cherene Francis

Cherene is an Actor, Motivational Speaker, #1 International Bestselling Author, Past International Television Host, Producer, Entrepreneur, Mindset Practitioner, Healer, Philosopher & Spiritual Mentor inspiring well over 100,000 viewers from the stage and media.

She has formal education and experience in Communication, Personal Branding, Marketing, Image Consulting, Film, Media, Stage Performance, World Religions, and Philosophy.

Cherene is also an Internationally Board Designated Institute and Trainer of Hypnosis, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy and Master NLP Coach.

When she isn't acting on camera, mentoring her clients, teaching in business circles, or serving at community organizations, you can find her watching Netflix at home with her husband and two daughters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Speaking Topics

Inspiring people to create the career, business and life they desire.

Let it "RAIN"

Riches Abundance Increase Now!

You are one of two people:

An entrepreneur tired of the overwhelming hustle and self-sacrificing practices of growing a business.


You're done overthinking your next move because you're ready to manifest your vision of success confidently.

Grab your business bestie and exhale as you gracefully walk into a life of RAIN: "Riches. Abundance. Increase. Now!"

Cherene Francis will paint the possibilities with her "Let it RAIN" philosophy so you can experience more ease, grace, confidence, and clients in your business for total life success.

Hear practical insights on:

  • Why "Hard Work" will set you up for disappointment and how to integrate more flow despite family and life commitments.
  • Why "Working Smart" is not enough to help you leap to the next level and how you can have more fun on your way to success.
  • How you can honestly "have it all" and the secrets to "LET IT RAIN" in your business, relationships and health today.

You'll want to be front row center to receive business and life tools for success.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Taking a leap into entrepreneurship is risky business. Are you mentally, emotionally and physically ready for the ride of your life? In this talk, Cherene gives you proven strategies to manage your state for sustainable long-term business success.

You will learn:

  • How your thinking impacts your emotions and habits and how to leverage the power of your mind for incredible results.

  • How to overcome FEAR and other beliefs that hold us back from achieving our goals and full potential.

  • How to create 10,000 times more focus in your day to day activities so you're more efficient.

Sit front row center to receive business and life tools for success.

Brand & Grow

For Direct-Sales and the Network Marketing Profession.

Are you beginning to see that it takes a lot more than pitching your friends and family to grow your network marketing business?

Ready to expand beyond your warm market so you can get more leads, sales and business builders?

People buy you before they buy your products and services.

People will also join your team when there is perceived leadership and expertise.

That's why Personal Branding Expert and Marketing Consultant, Cherene Francis, will give you profound insights into how you can brand and market yourself in the Direct Sales & Network Marketing Industry.

You will learn:

  • How to expand beyond your warm market
  • How to follow up without appearing annoying or pushy
  • What's required before someone says "Yes" to join your team
  • Are you ready to create that extra $1000/month with your business?

Or maybe you dream to build a network marketing empire!

You'll want to be front row center to receive business and life tools for success.

Mass Market Me

Want to leverage digital media to grow your personal brand and create influence, impact & income?

In this talk we cover:

  • Keys to expand your influence, visibility and credibility
  • What’s required to generate leads, clients & opportunities offline and online
  • How to breakthrough the FEAR of the camera and confidently market yourself

You'll want to be front row center to receive business and life tools for success.

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