Before working with Cherene and her team, my business struggled to survive. I didn't know how to reach people and how to get my company noticed. During our work together, I learned a lot about marketing and making videos and had a great time doing it because Cherene is fun, knowledgeable, and quick on her feet. Now I am so happy to have my website up and running. I have gained many customers, and my company is getting noticed and doing well. Thanks a million!

- Rosetta Q


Before working with Cherene and her team, I needed a brand and a website. When I started she asked a lot of questions, had a good listening ear, and gave me good insight as to the market trends. The result is my website is up and running, schedule once works well, and FB is up and running. Cherene’s wealth of knowledge on marketing is what people are looking for. She can help you. She is honest and will lead you in the right direction.

- Sylvia Ho Mortgages


Before working with Cherene my brain was swirling with information and I found it really challenging to narrow down my brand message. During our work together Cherene got me to slow my mind down and feel my way through how I wanted to present myself and my business to potential clients. Now I am so excited to have a clear brand message and story that I can work with. I am more focused and deliberate with my marketing strategy and the conversations about "what I do" flow much smoother.

Kathy Maloney


Cherene Francis and her team have done some personal brand marketing for me. Between updating the photography and images, choosing colors, having the right copy, finding the right web design, and helping to market my various conferences, Cherene exudes her passion for branding and marketing. Cherene has also been a constant on stage at my events and has helped numerous people go forward with their business plans and branding through her coaching. Cherene has an incredible eye for the visual elements of design and production in social media, TV, and video production. She has helped so many people go forward with their businesses.

- Randi Goodman


Cherene was great! With a collaborative spirit, she helped me clarify my goals and develop a solid plan of action. She picked up various parts of the project and offered a wide variety of skills to help me meet my goals. She was enthusiastic, positive, and helped me get to where I wanted to go. Thanks, Cherene!

- CuplaMedia


The topic that inspired me the most in your teaching was branding. I recall feeling stuck and not knowing what I really wanted to focus on let alone know where to begin. After speaking to you you took that fear and doubt away and opened my mind to see my potential. We spoke about my purpose, why I am doing what I am doing and where I wanted to see myself, and together you helped me expand my vision by knowing my target market and how to start branding myself. Mindset came after but understanding my avatar and knowing my purpose lead the way for me. It built my confidence and therefore I wanted to stay on the right track which changed my mindset to focus on my goals and stay consistent and positive. Thank you again Cherene!

- Germalin Barnes


My husband and I did not have a clue where to start with marketing our ministry. During our work with the team, we were amazed by their creative ideas and methods to reach the hearts and minds of individuals struggling with addictions. They established our Ministry, Burning Love Outreach on social media far beyond our expectations. Our website is inviting, bold and eye-catching. We are excited to have a professional site and a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube created by this awesome team led by Cherene.

- Searita Jones


OMG…. It was amazing. It was fantastic and I never knew I had superpowers. I needed to learn how to develop my brand and create a website. You used questioning to uncover my strengths, talents, and abilities and what my true passions were. Now, I understand myself better and can relate that to prospects. The website is up and running and people are responding. I loved the way you used probing questions to uncover the uniqueness in me. You also checked in and reviewed my website for me. You made the necessary changes and corrections when I explained the challenge. The knowledge I gained to learn how to edit and add a blog is phenomenal for my business. I learned a lot about my story and how to transform my story so that others I can help others. You helped me build my business in terms of platforms and landing pages and showed me how to do it through social media and thank you!

- Liz Streich


Cherene's background in TV & Film acting has given her incredible insights into branding and positioning. I struggled with my personal branding and website for years. Cherene helped me to create a brand and presence that is magnetic. Now, I bring Cherene, and her team, into work with all of my highest-end clients. You won't go wrong with her!

- Ken Dunn


I had a lack of clarity around marketing and a lack of confidence that had the inner resources to do what I want to do. I questioned whether I was good enough. Cherene took me through weekly calls around mindset and created a hypnotherapy mindset audio. She would also work with me individually and within a group session. She taught me marketing, copywriting, and Facebook. She also taught me how to find my superpowers, my avatar, target marketing. We also did a one-on-one mindset breakthrough. She taught me how to be confident in the media and TV! Cherene is the Kool-Aid without the sugar. Amazing! She taught us how to tell our story on stage. Now I have no qualms about public speaking. She provided a safe platform for us to practice speaking. She loves unconditionally. Now, I have made concrete steps toward my accountability program and personal brand.

- Marsha Lecour


Love working with Cherene! So lucky to have found her. She made my life so much easier with the work she has done. Hope to continue working together on future projects and would definitely recommend her, so very talented!

- Nina Ross


Cherene is very professional in her field of work and she is knowledgeable in personal branding. She helped me construct my personal brand in a relatable manner. I highly recommend her.

- Reza Vee


Your insightful perspective went deeper than I could go myself. You helped me create a presentation focusing on the client. Let Cherene do her magic on your presentation. You will be pleasantly surprised. The investment was more than worth it. I got at least a hundred times what I invested in benefits.

- Ron Tabachnick


I had a wonderful time with Cherene! I cannot thank her enough. She clarified all my queries and gave me a new perspective on my marketing. There were a lot of loose ends and I needed a lot of understanding, so she was able to help me tie it all together and have a very clear view of what I need to do to build my brand. Thank you Cherene!

- Sumita Mukherjee


As someone who is connected to a lot of speakers and teachers in the business and personal development industry, I highly recommend Cherene Francis and her team. I've watched her come into my network and help many entrepreneurs create a successful brand and grow their influence tremendously. Her attention to detail while keeping the big picture strategy in perspective is incredible. If you need someone to help you produce and manage your personal brand, TV media, and digital presence - hire Cherene.

- Gordon So


Cherene was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. She turned my lack-luster website into something really beautiful that I am now proud to send customers to. With her guidance, she helped me to uplevel my brand image, my social media presence, and working with her has given me a ton of confidence and skills I didn't have before. She is highly talented, creative, and just an overall genius at marketing and business. Thanks for everything Cherene!

- Carrie Stanfield


I am very pleased with your service and find them to be valuable, aesthetic, and catchy. I would like you to be my marketing “go-to” person for all marketing initiatives.

- Peter Vantyle

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