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How I Quit My Job to Start a Business & Become an Actor

I'm on my 10th anniversary since I started and registered a business in 2010, and now it's 2020, 10 years later, and I'm going to share with you my entire journey and some tips on what I would do differently.


Humble Beginnings

At the time, I worked full retail time as a visual merchandiser, which was all about styling and merchandising products. It was not what I wanted to do with the rest of my life because I had a degree in religious studies, and I didn't know what to do with it. I'm a coach by profession right now, and I was always fascinated with the universe, with God, with spirit. That's why I studied religion and different cultures, and philosophy was a big part of my studies.

When I graduated, I was like, "What do I do?" My options were to become a pastor, a minister, counselor, family counselor, and all of these things I did consider, but all didn't feel right. At the time, my mom struggled with a mental illness, and I supported her that way. My high school...

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Overcome Imposter Syndrome in Your Coaching Business


Are you wanting to start your coaching consulting business and your brand spanking new, so you feel a little bit like an imposter? Do you feel like you're not ready, you're not the expert, who am I to ...? If that's you, then you're in the right spot because I'm going to share how to overcome imposter syndrome.

Feeling imposter syndrome is normal for a new coach because, as a coach, you're stepping into this world of leadership where people look up to you, and there's this whole idea of you knowing the answers to everything. I think the life coaching or consulting industry is very much misunderstood.

When you announce yourself as a coach or a consultant, it's not that you're saying you know it all. When you announce yourself as an expert, it's not that you're saying you know it all. It's just that you're saying, I know a little more about something than you, and I can help you. That's what it's about. Or if you're a life coach, it's not that you're saying you know...

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Can I Really Make Money Online as a Coach

Are you wondering if you can make money online as a life coach?

The Learning Curve

Truth number one is that your first year is a big learning curve. I wouldn't recommend quitting your job right away. You want to make sure that you have the time resources and the monetary resources to invest in your business and your personal growth as a business owner. I recommend that you either go down part-time in your career right now, whether you're working a nine to five or for another company, I recommend that you stay with that company. If you can do it part-time, grow your business as a consultant or coach on the side, and then let that grow and take off before quitting. That might be a better idea. The worst thing is for you to be struggling to grow your business and learn and not get things right while making an income.


Don't Go In It Alone

The other thing that I highly recommend is that you don't do this alone. Many people think it's just to register a business, start putting up...

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What is Personal Branding? Do You Need One?


What is Personal Branding

Personal branding is just you. You are the brand, and it's the experience that people have when they interact with you. This can be in person, it could be online, on stage, in any general situation, your book, your content, all of that is what people genuinely experience when they're engaging with you. So when we think about this, everyone has their own brand. It's just about whether or not you have a clear brand, if it's intentional and if it reflects what you want it to reflect.


How to Leverage Your Personal Brand

People can use their personal brand and leverage it to promote their business, get more customers and clients, and book more opportunities like speaking engagements. Maybe you want to be seen or known in your industry; maybe you also want to have more of a portfolio for your career track. This is all that you can do with personal branding. You want to get clear on what is your visual strategy. You also want to know what your...

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Personal Branding vs Business Branding - Should I Use My Name?

Choosing a business name is fundamental to your business operation. It's important for your brand awareness and everything you do in marketing going forward. I've helped many business owners and entrepreneurs make this decision on whether to use their personal name or a trading name and now it's your turn.


What is Your Vision?

What do you plan to do with your business? Are you going to sell it eventually? Is it something that is going to be consistent? Do you have multiple businesses? What is your vision? Because this is going to help guide you in making a choice.

You should use your personal name if you are a lifestyle brand or a service professional. What I mean by lifestyle brand is someone that is selling something that contributes to a lifestyle. It might be products, health products, things that make life easier, lipstick, makeup, fashion, anything related to lifestyle. Whether you're a service professional or in direct sales, network marketing, those types of things,...

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DIY Personal Branding Tips to Attract Big Clients

What if you could attract bigger clients that could pay you a lot more upfront? 5,000, 10,000, 15, 20,000 plus? I've helped so many coaches, consultants, and service professionals attract high-end clients, and now it's your turn.


Tip #1. Take the Brand Personality Style Quiz

This quiz is an excellent start for you to get a sense of your brand attraction factor. Find out your brand personality, the values, the colors, designs, and styles that suit you best. When you're in alignment with your brand persona, you will find that it's easier to build rapport and attract the clients that are best for you. 


Tip #2. Brand Style Shoot

Put together a photoshoot that shows the best of who you are in your work element. No more stock photos representing you. Showcase the real you. You want to begin to let your energy attract whoever it is that you're looking to target.



Tip #3. Refresh Your Website

If your website looks like you designed it, then that's a problem....

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7 Steps to Build a Personal Brand in 2020 POST COVID 19

Wondering how you can grow your personal brand during these post-pandemic times? Well, here are seven essentials to growing your personal brand in 2020 and beyond on social media. I've helped six and seven-figure personal brands grow online. Now it's your turn, so let's get started. Essential step number one is to know your brand values.


Step 1: What Are Your Brand Values

You need to understand that your values as they are going to drive all of your activities online. It will help you know what you're going to stand for and what conversations you're going to engage in. For example, are you about world peace? Do you like to see people develop? Are you big on advocating for animals, health? What are your brand values? Why do you do what you do? You're going to want to get clear on this for the next steps.


Step 2: Types of Conversations

Now determine the types of conversations you want to engage in on social media. Are you going to talk about politics, social economics?...

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Planning a Personal Branding Photoshoot Tips + Poses for Great Photos

Ready to revamp your brand with brilliant personal branding photos? You are going to learn how to produce your own branding photoshoot and take great photos. I have helped many coaches, consultants, thought leaders, and professionals brand themselves through photography. Now it's your turn!

There are three phases to producing your photoshoot. There's pre-production, the photoshoot day, and post-production.


Phase 1: Pre-production

Take the Brand Personality Test

Preparing for your photoshoot. The first thing that I highly recommend you do is to take the brand personality style quiz. When you take this quiz, you're going to be prompted to getting a unique guide just for you. It's based on your interests, values, and what you gravitate to and what's most authentic to your brand persona. This will give you advice on things like what are the colors, what's the look and feel that works best with who you are authentic. You can use this advice to guide your photographer and planning...

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Focus & Flow for Fempreneurs - Success without the Burnout - Part 2


This is part 2 of this two-part webinar. We review the aspects of Focus (Masculine Energy) and Flow (Feminine Energy) in our businesses.

I also give my response to key questions around.

  • Transitioning from your full-time job to entrepreneurship
  • Balancing work and life as a mompreneur
  • Making time for social media posts
  • Mindset techniques to stay focused

For part 1 of this webinar click here.


Setting and Accomplishing Goals


Things happen in life, and a lot of the time, we need our entrepreneurial endeavours to be very flexible and allow us to be free with our time and location and our income earnings. It's just an honour to be able to be in this position where I am excited to have a successful business that feeds my soul and my wallet and serves others and my family and community. If that's you and you want to grow your business to that level, or you have a business, but you need to create more momentum or less chaos and more flow, you're in the right place.

What you...

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One Page Personal Brand Website

Once you know your brand message, your personality brand style, and you have personal branding photos you can begin to put together a one page website.

A one-page website can make things a lot easier to navigate for your readers. This type of website has a distinct advantage in that it is optimized for mobile.

Mobile usage is increasing, so this is an important point to consider.

But there are few other advantages. The one-page website allows you to tell a story while controlling the order in which people see your content. In a traditional website, people can bounce around and browse.

This isn’t always good for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and people who rely heavily on their personal brand. They have a strong need to tell their story in a linear way. It’s essential for their brand.

One-page websites also allow you to focus on the image. Every time you click on a new page, the images have to load. If you want to share your story with a lot of images, then consider a...

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