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​I help you get amazing clients, sales & opportunities through confident personal branding, communication, marketing and media.

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Meet Cherene Francis

Cherene Francis is a Personal Branding Expert and an International Television Host who helps service professionals, consultants & coaches hone their message, create a personal brand and boldly market themselves through television, video & online marketing so they can grow their following, attract more opportunities and get more clients.

FREE Branding Kit

This branding kit will help you confidently craft your authentic brand and grow your influence, impact and income. Now you can position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry.


Business TV Show

The Cherene Francis show is televised across Ontario and all over the web. Broadcast your story on TV and digital media to get the word out about your book, products & services.

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Marketing Planner

The Let it Rain Planner helps entrepreneurs implement a brand-marketing-sales strategy to get more clients. Achieve success in your business and life today.


Marketing Mastermind

Join Cherene and like minded business professionals and entrepreneurs as you craft your brand to market and sell you products and services.  Cherene takes you on 6-month journey to create more influence, impact and income in your business.

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Personal Branding Blog

Our latest blog tips and resources to help you confidently market your personal brand.

Amazing Clients, Sales & Opportunities

Create a purposeful brand and business that attracts raving fans and clients who are excited to work with you.


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