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Who Do You Need to Become to Live Your Big Vision?

Personal Branding to Help You Manifest Your Dream Business & Life.

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Cherene Francis is an expert in personal branding, marketing, media and confident communication. She can help you get reach more people, grow your audience and book more high quality clients.

FREE Personal Branding Kit to Attract Quality Clients

This personal branding kit will help you craft your authentic brand so you can share your message and expand your influence. Time to Be Seen & Heard.

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Discover how to Raise Your Prices, Reach More People & Shift Your Mindset to Make More Money. Watch the FREE Training so you can Make it Rain More Clients & Sales.

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Inspirational Business TV Show for Entrepreneurs

The Cherene Francis show is televised across Ontario and all over the web. Broadcast your story on TV and digital media to get the word out about your book, products & services.

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Your Personal Brand is Your Greatest Asset

- Cherene Francis

Confidently market and position yourself as a rare commodity. There is no competition because there is no one like you.

Meet Cherene Francis

Cherene Francis is a personal transformation coach, speaker, trainer and mentor in business and global leadership. Her superpower is Confident Communication; the key ingredient that her clients use to inspire, influence and impact.

Through Cherene’s programs, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and thought leaders discover their unique identity, craft their message and confidently market themselves so they can grow their following, attract more connections and get more clients.

She will enlighten you in the four areas of business success: Mindset, Branding, Marketing & Sales.

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"Know Thyself"

- Socrates

When you truly know your unique brand persona and embody your message you will access all the opportunities you desire.

How You Can Work with Cherene

Mentorship Programs, Coaching & Consulting to Transform Your Personal Brand & Grow Your Business.

Let it Rain Mastermind & Group Coaching Program

Designed to help you manifest you dream business and life! You are supported in the four areas: Mindset, Branding, Marketing, Sales. Group is limited to 20 participants.

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VIP Personal Branding & Marketing Coaching

Private coaching to help you discover your unique brand identity, message and confidently market yourself. Create influence,impact and income.

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Branding & Marketing Agency for Speakers

We help Professionals, Speakers and Thought Leaders create more influence and impact in the world. BE SEEN AS THE EXPERT IN YOUR DOMAIN.

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Inspiration to Help You Manifest Your Divine Potential in Business & Life.

Manifest Your Dream Business & Life

Create a fulling business that uses your talents, passions and serves a greater purpose. Balance your life with mindfulness practices and allow your spirit to soar.


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