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STAINED is a psychological thriller about nostalgia. The film reveals an eerie reality about moving and the memories that are left behind.

After a decade of living in the same house, the fun and loving McAllister family move to a new street where they are completely ignored by their new neighbours, leading them to discover an eerie reality and find a resolution to a mysterious haunting. 


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My First Year of Acting - What I Did to Start Acting At Age 30

Are you dreaming of a career in acting? Do you aspire to be on the big screen, captivating audiences with your talent? Starting a career in acting can be an exhilarating and challenging journey. A clear path to success is crucial, whether you're a late bloomer like Cherene Francis, who began acting at age 30, or a young enthusiast anxious to make your mark in the profession.

In this blog post, I'll share twelve valuable tips to help you kickstart your acting career and navigate the competitive world of show business. From crafting a vision and plan to networking and producing your content, these tips will provide practical guidance to get you closer to your acting goals. So, let's dive in and discover the secrets to jumpstarting your acting journey!




Tip #1: Make a Vision and a Plan

Begin your acting career on the right foot with a clear vision and a plan. Take the time to identify the genres you...

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My New Acting Headshots - Branding, Tips, Dos and Dont's!

Headshots for actors and creative professionals are not the same as regular photoshoots. I share my entire process of getting acting headshots in this video and blog.


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New look. New headshots!

I will share my process before, during, and after getting my new acting headshots. 


My Previous Headshots

(Refer to the YouTube video above for image references).

Before I go into the process, let's talk about my previous headshots. 

I started acting in my 30s. When I jumped back in, I did my headshots two times before I started to see success. The first time around, I went to a very reputable photographer. The style of the photos wasn't the best for my look and skin tone, being nice and chocolatey brown. 

When I first got those headshots and started using them, there was actually a casting director that I saw in person for an audition. When I walked into the room and she pulled out my headshot, she said, "This is hideous!"...

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Becoming an Actor at 30 - How to Start an Acting Career in Your 30s

Becoming an Actor at Age 30 - How I started my acting career in my 30s. What it's like to start your acting career "late." My journey, the positives, negatives, and should you start your acting career in your 30s.

00:00 Introduction
00:55 Why I Started Acting Late at Age 30
02:27 When Did I Decide to Start Acting at Age 30
03:18 How I Started Acting at Age 30
04:32 How My Acting Career is Going Now
06:27 The Downfalls of Starting Your Acting Career Late
08:45 The Positives of Starting Your Acting Career Late
11:03 Should You Start an Acting Career at Age 30

Resources Mentioned

Producing My First Short Film:

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