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Personal Branding Kit

This mini course was created to help you craft your most authentic brand and message so you can confidently share you...

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Rain Maker Meditative Prayer for Prosperity

Listen to this 30-minute mp3 Audio to raise your vibration to create more abundance in your business and life. You ma...

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Complimentary Coaching Session

I'm a Master coach and consultant in business, communication and lifestyle. Areas of coaching can include: Interp...

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Courageous Confidence Meditative Audio

Cultivate courageous confidence and show up with a powerful presence in all forms of communication: Stage, Video, Tel...

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Breakthrough Procrastination Hypnotic Audio

Listen to this 18-minute mp3 audio daily to help you get rid of procrastination. Start being more productive with you...

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Let it Rain Clients

Learn how to market yourself authentically in the digital space to establish your message and receive all the clients...

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Quick Cash Flow

MAKE QUICK CASH & SELL MORE Yes! Confident selling and money-making activities that solve your customer's proble...

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Let it Rain Masterclass

The Let it Rain Masterclass shows you what to say and do to sell your high-end offers and bring in an abundance of cl...

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Money Mindset Breakthrough Healing & Coaching

Get rid of every money and sales block to increase wealth financially and within your relationships. This process wi...

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I Want it All! Total Business and Life Course Pack

Want all the courses listed on the Cherene Francis shop page for a big deal? Usually, when purchased separately, you...

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