How to Set Acting Career Goals for 2024 - A Guide for Actors, Creatives, Entrepreneurs


Navigating the Unpredictable

Acting can feel like an unpredictable career where you have no control. You're always affected by the industry and the trends; you never know what's next. You're never the final decision-maker. Most actors enter the industry with a wish, a hope, a prayer, or a manifestation. I don't know about anybody, but I can't deal with all the unpredictability. That's why I have a process for goal setting. How can you set goals so that you are constantly in the game, motivated, and not wanting to quit? I will share my goal-setting and visioning process as an actor and a creative entrepreneur. My name is Cherene Francis. Welcome to my blog!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read; you're helping a sister out. First things first, there's a law of averages and statistics. If you go at something long enough, persistent enough, over time, eventually, you will see something. You will bear fruit. And one of the things with acting is you just got to stay in the game. You must be in the game long enough and continue developing yourself. You must continue to grow and be flexible, but you must stay in the game. Now, I've only been in the game since 2019. Professionally, I've had a level of success. I'm a working actor. But if I didn't do these things, these goal-setting things, I wouldn't have gotten where I am. So, I will break down all these important lessons in today's blog. 

The reason why I know any of this stuff is because I am a professionally trained coach, not an acting coach, but a mindset coach, a high-performance coach. I know a thing or two about mindset, getting things done, and achieving success in life. Now, I could always be better. I don't know everything. But I know this has worked for me, and I hope it works for you. 

Establish Your Values and Inner Compass

Before you start setting goals or making ultimatums, take a moment to explore and establish your values. Your values are your internal moral compass, guiding you through life's journey. They define what truly matters to you in life, career, relationships, and success, ultimately leading to fulfillment.

Without a clear understanding of your values, you may find yourself being pulled in different directions, leading to uncertainty and fear. This lack of grounding can deter many individuals from pursuing their long-term aspirations or taking the first step. However, with a solid foundation rooted in your values, you gain the resilience to weather any storm and emerge stronger.

For instance, let me share a personal example. My top value is family. As a mother of two girls with potential plans for more additions to the family, I prioritize being present for my loved ones. This means shaping my career to allow flexibility for family needs over the next decade. While this may extend my career timeline, I've made peace with this decision because it aligns with my values.

Identifying where you find peace in your life is crucial, especially for those who, like me, embarked on this journey later in life with family responsibilities. Setting rules and boundaries that reflect your values is essential. For me, another core value is only taking on roles that empower humanity. I'm selective about the projects I engage with, ensuring they align with this principle and avoid perpetuating harmful stereotypes or behaviors.

Besides, I prioritize pay and progress in my career choices. If a project doesn't offer financial compensation or contribute to my career growth, I carefully consider its value. For example, I might take on commercial work to cover expenses, but I avoid insignificant roles in short films if they don't propel my career forward.

Knowing your values is your guiding light when selecting fulfilling projects and making impactful decisions. It's an internal compass that directs you towards opportunities that resonate with your core beliefs and lead to personal and professional growth.

So, take the time to discover and embrace your values. They will be instrumental in navigating your path and shaping your journey toward a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Define Your Next Step

Now that your values are dialed in for your life and career, it's time to figure out the next move. Let's start by focusing on training. What areas do you need to work on as an actor and storyteller? Is it about refining your movement in front of the camera, fine-tuning your voice and breath work, or honing in on the acting? And hey, let's not forget about emotional access – are there certain emotions that are a bit tricky to tap into?

Consider taking a class to level up, but before that, it's crucial to know where you stand regarding your body, your voice, and everything else about you as an actor. Also, take a good look at your overall package – is it as attractive as it needs to be to grab the opportunities you're aiming for?

Now, if you're aiming for more acting roles, maybe not the prominent supporting roles just yet, but three to five more pages of substantial roles, it's time to align your portfolio with those goals. Maybe it's time to beef up your materials – think microfilm, short film, or anything that adds weight to your portfolio. And let's not forget about your auditioning technique and setup – could it use some sprucing up? A better camera, backdrop, and lighting, perhaps?

It's all about taking a step back and evaluating. Please seek advice from your agent and get other actors to give their input. What can you improve upon? Determine the following steps to develop as an actor and land your next role. Remember, while we may not have control over who chooses us, we do have control over how we position ourselves, market ourselves, and the work we put in behind the scenes.

Set Other Creative Goals - Flexibility, Finance, Fulfillment

Now, aside from acting, what else lights up your soul and fuels your passion? Let's face it: as an actor, a big part of the journey involves submitting, auditioning, waiting, and often not hearing back. It's a cycle that repeats month after month. You need something that keeps your creative juices flowing, mainly because if you feel stifled creatively, it can really impact your work as an actor.

It's about striving for balance in your life. Don't just set an acting goal; set a creative one, too. As an actor, creativity is at the core of what you do. You might have other creative skills – whether it's writing, singing, comedy, music, poetry, or graphic design – because you have that creative brain. If you're naturally expressive in some shape or form, it's important to nurture those aspects of yourself to keep those creative juices flowing and sustain the energy needed for your long-term career.

The question I ask myself is: what can I do that's flexible, financially stable, and fulfilling? Those are the three F's to consider: flexibility, finances, and fulfillment. Is there something you can do alongside acting that allows you to express yourself, earn money, and be fulfilling and exciting, providing something to look forward to while you navigate the acting world long-term? For me, it's running a YouTube channel and working as a creative consultant for businesses, helping them craft compelling stories for their marketing to shine on social media.

I've leveraged my skills as an actor, storyteller, producer, and problem solver to build a business that helps me financially and keeps my creative spirit alive. Because let's be honest – acting money isn't always consistent. It can be sporadic, and while commercial renewals and recurring work are fantastic, having another income stream from your creative passions can make a difference.

So, what are your passions? What fulfills you creatively and financially outside of acting? Identify those and then keep tabs on your mindset and motivation. It's all about maintaining control and staying on track.

Write Out & Visualize Goals

I totally get where you're coming from. It's all about finding that balance and keeping your eyes on the prize, right? I mean, as an actor, the waiting game and facing rejection is just part of the deal. That's why it's crucial to have other passions and outlets to keep you motivated and balanced.

For me, creativity isn't just confined to acting. I've got this whole array of creative outlets – from writing, singing, and graphic design to even running a YouTube channel and working as a creative consultant. These things not only keep my creative juices flowing but also offer some financial stability alongside acting.

But here's the thing – if I only focus on my goals and ignore the flip side, I might end up in a pretty miserable spot. It's important to know the consequences of not achieving your goals. What would happen if I didn't pursue those other passions? I'd probably feel unfulfilled and waste my potential. That's why I encourage having a clear vision of both what you want and what you don't want. It's like creating a roadmap for your life – you need to know where you want to go and where you definitely don't want to end up.

So, my advice is simple: jot down both your aspirations and your no-go's. It's a conscious way of choosing your path every day. You can either work towards what you want or end up stuck in a situation you don't like. It's all about being real with yourself and making choices that align with who you are.

Let's be honest, this approach may not suit everyone, and that's okay. We're all different. Some people thrive by focusing solely on what they want. But for me, understanding both sides of the coin helps me navigate my journey with clarity and purpose.

So, what about you? What are your passions? What fulfills you creatively and financially outside of acting? Take the time to lay it all out and make it visual – create a vision board that reflects both your dreams and the paths you want to steer clear of. It’s your life, your journey. Make sure it's filled with what truly matters to you.

How to Stay Accountable

Surrounding yourself with people who keep you accountable can make a world of difference. I've been fortunate to have an accountability partner for the past two, going on three years now, specifically for acting and creativity. We hold each other to our year goals, big overarching goals, one-year goals, and monthly 30-day goals – and let me tell you, it's been a game-changer.

We've even added consequences into the mix. If we don't follow through on our monthly commitments, it's a donation of fifty to one hundred dollars to charity. The pressure of not wanting to let each other down has been an incredible motivator. After all, many of us are wired to be people pleasers, and having someone hold us accountable lights a fire under us. It's like having that extra push when you need it most.

So, here's a thought – would having an accountability group or mastermind benefit you? I'm considering starting one myself. I'd love to know if this is something that resonates with you, and if so, what kind of support would keep you motivated and on track.

Staying open and flexible when setting goals, intentions, and visions for my acting career and creative ventures is vital. Being prepared for surprises and willing to pivot your approach can lead to some amazing discoveries. You might find strengths in areas you never expected and recognize areas where you need to grow.

So, here's my biggest tip: stay open, stay flexible, and embrace the journey with all its twists and turns. It's all part of the process, and it's what keeps us moving forward toward our dreams.


With that being said, go and set those goals. Make a vision, put those values up there. Find somebody to keep you accountable. Or comment below if you're interested in some sort of accountability, mastermind group type of thing, and let me know your thoughts. But otherwise, I'm wishing you all the best for your career. Bye for now, ‘till next time!

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